Level 2 violation at KJFK Not justified

Hey, in contact with New York Center, they ask me to descend at FL100. Actually at FL120 i start my descend immediatly with -2000 ratio. After 15 second i received the report. Please cancel or explain me. THANKS.

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Please contact the controller directly rather than making a public topic.

Thank you!

Doesnt have the pseudo.

what do you mean?

I think he means the controller/ATC name.

That was NY Center but i find THE Name thanks

@CaptR0lex the controller’s name is included in the report pop-up. If you go into the replay of the flight where you received the violation - in the window on the left that has all the ATC messages - there should be a message in RED saying something like "You have been reported by “Controller’s name” for “reason”.

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NY Center is currently being controlled by @Cooper. In fact he just logged off so hopefully he should see this…

Please contact the controller via PM or message the appeals team. 🙂