Level 2 and Level 3 Violations


I’m not sure what topic this should belong in, so I put it here.

Since I not too curious to discover them myself (and want to get to Grade 4), what are some examples of Level 2 and Level 3 violations?

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You can find some of the violation reasons listed here:


Thank you for this link! This will come in handy.

Since this is a recent discussion on violations… Had a 747 spawn at LAX that proceeded to pushback from parking, across two taxiways, an active runway (still in reverse), and decided to park on the grass to await takeoff. Meanwhile, the Delta flight pictured decides to line up and take a break, causing 2 flights that were on final to have to go around. The Delta flight then decides they’re ready to takeoff, and the 747 decides to move from the grass and sit on the runway for a couple more minutes, causing one of the initial flights that was originally on final to have to go around again. ATC was active the entire time, and despite these actions, as well as ignoring ATC, the flights were allowed to continue. Maybe we could get a slightly more realistic violation policy, for the lower servers? It kind of defeats the purpose when you can do things like back across taxiways, runways, ignore ATC, block runways, and park in the grass without consequences, and the only violation is being idle too long.

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It was on the training server right?

If yes, unfortunately nothing can be done. Both ATC and pilots are learning and you might encounter some trolls.

You will encounter a more realistic experience on the expert server, where qualified Air Traffic Controllers (IFATC) will assist you in getting off and on the ground safely.


Level 3 Violations:

  • Entering a runway without permission (Crossing a runway for an example)
  • Landing without permission.
  • Landing on the wrong runway.
  • Taking off without permission.
  • Not complying with ATC instructions. (Approach vectors for example)
  • Not complying with NOTAMS.
  • Taxiing through aircraft.
  • Receiving 5 or more violations during flight… (For overspeeding)
  • Not going around.
  • Inappropriate callsigns or offensive names.
  • Blocking Runways.
  • Going over 35 knots on the taxiway.
  • Incorrect altitudes, headings, or speed while approaching the airport.
  • Flying through aircraft.
  • Maneuvering through controlled airspaces without contacting the center.
  • Aligned with the wrong runway.
  • Not complying with missed approach orders.
  • Being unresponsive to atc.
  • Taking off from the grass, taxiway and ramp areas.

Level two violations:

  • Pushback without permission.
  • Taxiing without permission.
  • Not following ATIS
  • Not expediting a runway
  • Connection Issues (For example your wifi goes down while on the runway, then you reconnect while another aircraft lands. These can be erased from the record by contacting @moderators)
  • Unnescery reports/spamming requests.
  • Taxiing through grass and taxiways as seen above^^
  • Not maintaining a safe distance between other aircraft. (You must be at the very least 1,000 feet above or below an aircraft, and 10-15 nautical miles away from one.)
  • Blocking Taxiways
  • Failure to complete the missed approach.

Level 1 Violations:

  • Exceeding 260 knots under FL1000
  • Acrobatics over the airport.


Level 1 violations are issued on 3 servers. The training and the expert server and the casual servers. On the casual servers, there is not ATC.


Now, on the training server, you cannot get a level 2 or 3 violation unless manually done by the moderators for inappropriate callsigns (I think). But nothing can be done against training server misbehavior.


On the expert server, all violations are possible to receive. Some of the violations may vary by the controller to controller. For example, once I was approaching the wrong runway and instead of getting a level 2 violation, I got a level 3. So it does depend.

Anyway, I hope this helps!


Hey @Planeviation!
This is a great list but quite a few things are in the wrong place and you are also missing some things. A few examples of this are:
1.) you can’t get 5 overspeed violations. After 3 you get removed from the server
2.) Going above 35knts on a taxiway is a level 1 violations, not a level 3
3.) Taxing through aircraft is a level 2
4.) You forgot runway idle which is another level 1
5.) the minimum lateral distance is 5 Nm above FL100 and 3nm below FL100
There are also a few more so be sure to look at the
community guides and fact check your posts.

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Have a look at the highlighted link that’s been posted in the first reply 👍