Level 1 Violations (7 Days)

So about 3 days ago I ask about the level one violations for 7 days. I was told to check when they expired. About 4 of them passed the 7 day mark so I tried to access the expert server and and I realized my violation level has not went down from 6. Is there something I’m not understanding?

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Hey @McKnight, can you attach a screenshot of your current stats?

There attached above

You have 6 violation in 7 days, they must be less than 5. Wait 3 more days you’ll be able to access Expert server.

Check the last image, only 2 of the violations were in 7 days. The other 4 passed the 7 day mark

Yeah i saw that, but level 1 violations are computer generated. So you have to wait I suppose. I’m not that expert but I think you can contact @appeals they’ll help you.

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I might understand your situation. the level 1 violation in 7 days, which mean that the limitation to grade 3 will be counted since you get your 5th violation.
In your situation, you have reached your 5th violation in the last 4 days (20/03/2024) , and at the same time, the previous 4 violations are still within 7 days, so the system will accumulate violations from your first violation (16/03/2024) in 7 days.
So your level 1 violation in 7 days were started from 20/03/2024 to 27/03/2024
Good day!


Damn bro,

next time just taxi normally, 15-20ktn is normal, anything over 20ktn is pointless, it looks like a race!🤦🏽‍♂️
Were you in a hurry or why do you always drive so fast?
When flying you should take your time and be realistic, if you don’t then you’ll see why you get too many violations (level 1). 😏
And overspeed in the flight?
OUCH, just fly M0.82 or M0.84, you don’t have to go so fast.

Best Regrads

  • Vinny

I think the overspeed could happen when you set VNAV on your flight and forget to reduce the speed when it descends below 10.000ft.
I have had this happen many times. Mostly, I often oversleep on overnight long haul flights.
Roger !


So if I’m flying overnight, I leave the VNAV off and just set my alarm for about 45 minutes earlier. When I’m awake, I switch the VNAV on and everything’s fine.
But yes, that happened to me once too, and I’ve learned not to let it happen again.


Ok I’ll wait and see

Spawn on Training Server briefly, exit and restart the app.


I’ll give it a try

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This worked thank much for the help guys. Really appreciated


Congratt !!!