Level 1 Violation


I was received a level 1 violation for “Overspeed in Flight” because I forgot to set a time for TOD which resulted in me loosing my Grade 4. I’ve been Grade 3 for a week now, and was wondering why it hasn’t reverted back to my original Grade (4).

Any Ideas?


Has it been 1 week to the minute?

Yes it said 22:53Z and i’m in CST time

CST as in Central Standard Time or China Standard Time?

Central time

In my experience it takes a little more than a week…usually 7 days 12 hours or even up to 8 days

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Oh wow! ok

Also you could have lost some landings or stats during your week away from Grade 4 if you did not fly.
Try looking at ur stats sheet to see if your meeting the requirements for grade 4.


These violations should have fallen off by now. I’ve refreshed your stats and you should have your grade 4 now. Have a good day!

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