Level 1 violation help!

Device: IPhone 13
Operating system: IOS 17.14.1


Last week unfortunately due to not paying close enough attention during the last phase of flight, I obtained 6 level 1 violations for over speeding.

However, 3 were obtained 8 days ago, and the other 3 were obtained 5 days ago.

By my count 3 should have fallen off as they are over 7 days old, but I am still currently a grade 2. My violation history table even shows that it was 8 days ago but my grade table is still at grade 2 and has not updated. I believe there has been a glitch.

Can someone please look into it?

Screenshots for reference.

Thank you in advance!

More often than not, a quick hop on an online sever refreshes the system and sorts it out.


You can try a short flight on casual server, then will be OK


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