Level 1 violation during long-haul

Hi, I was making a flight from IST to JFK. I never turned the vnav on, to avoid violations so when I woked up I got 3 level 1 violations due to airspeed. I need to also tell you that I’m in the beta so I think it may be an issue. Thank you very much, I’ll wait for your answer.

You haven’t really told anyone why it should be an issue or what happened? ;)


No… what am i supposed to do??

Do you have a reason to believe that these shouldn’t violations shouldn’t have been given to you?

Well I think waking up and having violations when the vnav was turned off is wrong.
But if you can’t make anything it’s okay, just keep working on the beta that is still so bad.

Beta isn’t a compulsory build that you must fly on. If you wish to fly on a build that doesn’t have any issue or bugs 20.3 is a stable version that you can move back to

I’m now on 20.3
But what I’m trying to tell is that it was not my fault.

I’ve seen countless of cases where users have been climbing with too high air speed, ending up getting violations since they breached the mach limit. It’s quite common.

You have the replays to look at from your own flight if you want to know exactly what happen :)

Try this: use sharemyinfiniteflight.com, upload the replay file, and share it with me. I can try to help you understand why and when you got the speed violations.

Did you check the weather ❄️ ❄️ ☀️ 💨? If you have a strong tailwind and you are flying with .86M you will exceed the speed ⏩

I got a 14kts sidewind. Thanks for that, but the weather was good

And I was one of those countless cases lol

But this was 100% your fault. It’s your responsibility to monitor your flight throughout it’s phases, that being taxi, takeoff, cruise, and landing. The violations will stick to your profile, but their effect on your grade will be removed after 7 days.

Autopilot have lots of bugs

No it doesn’t.

I am however ending this topic here as there’s no progress being made and there doesn’t seem to be any intentions taking some sort of responsibility either to even look at ones own replay to determine what could have happened.

If that were to change however, my inbox is always open.