Level 1 violation appeal

Hi, I think this is an app defect but correct me if I am wrong. I was flying overnight from EGLL-KLAX on the expert server in an Airbus a380. I was cruising at FL340 and Mach .85. However, around 3 hours before landing, whilst I was still asleep, the autopilot increased the speed up to Mach .92 for long enough to give me a violation and then went back down to .85. Of course I did not have any input to cause this increase in speed so I am wondering if this is a game defect. I also have the replay to show this happening if needed but I am pretty sure this was a bug? Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey there,
If you think the violations you received were from a bug in the game you can contact @appeals. Additionally, you can provide them with the replay file so they can take a look!

Ok thanks!

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Normally level 1 violations are not withdrawn. The exception is if it was an app bug. You can still contact @appeals. Have your replay ready so they can watch it.