Level 1 Violation Appeal

I just received two Level 1 Violations for “Doing Aerobatics in an active airspace” and would like to get it appealed.

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Unfortunately, Level 1 violations can not be reversed. It will fall off in one week.

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I think you can’t appeal level 1 violation!

They can be reversed if deemed it was an app fault which can occur. If you think your lvl 1 violation can be justified contact @moderators


Why can’t Lvl. 1 void be revoked?

Hi there! Was the violation because of an error (Like falling through the ground), If so, contact @moderators and they will help you get it removed!


Hey @CaptSauceBoss
You can appeal a level 1 violation actually, however their is no real reason to. You can contact @appeals and be ready to have proof that it was a glitch in the system and you weren’t actually doing acctrobatics. If you were then just learn from your mistake.

Here are a list of reasons you can get violations:


Thanks You!