Level 1 overspeed alert

Hello team,

I hope you’re all well? I’m a bit upset, not with you but with me. I launched a flight from Geneva to Chios (my next vacation destination) and while my flight was climbing, I got a business phone! And yes, I fly with Infinite Flight while I’m at work. And drama… 😱 I didn’t hear the in-flight overspeed alert, which earned me a violation! I’m counting on your kindness and friendliness to make me skip this violation. Too nice! PS I had until 05.25.2024 to find myself with 0 violations! And now this one falls into my head 😂


Wow, that really sucks. I don’t know how to revoke a violation, but I belive you can put this in the support category.

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appeals i think

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Level 1 overspeed violations or any level 1 violation can not be appealed.


Are you sure ?

Level 1 violations can not be reversed as they are auto given. The only violation
S that can be reversed are level 2-3 violations.

Level 1 violations are never appealable. No need to worry though, level 1’s are very minor violations & not worth the stress.

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In addition it sounds like you over speed which is something you caused. It will typically give you a warning and if you fail to react it issues you a violation. Appeals should only be used if you feel that a violation was unfair or unnecessary such as you are clearly holding short of a runway and the controller gave you a violation for taking off without permission.

Thanks for the answer Mohamad ! 🙏


No problem, anytime. If you have anymore questions feel free to send me a message & I will respond as fast as I can.

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Correction, it can be appealed if it’s game caused like if you fall in the ground while taxing for example.

But business call isn’t a game glitch so this one can’t be appealed, right.


Tell your business partner not to call you when you’re playing infinite flight🤣

Thank you Yukiros

😂 👍 I’ll do next time

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