Letting APPR know that I’m at cruise Alt

Hey everyone,
Hope everybody is enjoying the new update!?
I’ve not had too much time to explore it all yet but looks great good job the IF team!!
I wish there was a button though that can let approach know that your at 36,000 or whatever and cruising when they call active airspace… flying from OMDB to EGGL this morning over EDDF and the approach controller there must have called me at least 12 times that I’m in an active airspace tune in, I did just so that it would keep him/her quiet only then told to do a 360! 😂😐
Anyway would just be nice in those circumstances to notify them that your at 36k and cruising so leave me alone! In a nice way 😊


If this is training server, then sorry…chances are the controllers have no idea what they’re doing and you’ll have to deal with it.
Join the expert server and you’ll get a realistic ATC service and be undisturbed during cruise!


In addition to what @8SmartFlying stated, some Training server controllers are unaware of the fact that they do not need to contact you when you’re cruising. This has happened to me before, and my advice is to just ignore them. They’ll get the message :)


Yes sure, points taken on board.
It wasn’t a criticism just wondered if there could be a reply function to notify them that your cruising to notify and to help them be aware as well, also to free to their frequency and attention to relevant traffic. Would just help all round

Do you meant EGLL?

Yes sorry, EGLL

If they can’t figure out on their own that FL360 is cruising altitude, probably not much help from anything additional :)

Ignoring them works better anyway. That way you don’t get ludicrous 360s.


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