Letters AND numbers in callsigns

I think a great thing to add to IF would be the ability to have numbers and letters in your callsign.
e.g Shamrock 1AK, Speedbird 59J e.t.c
let me know what you all think.
I’m also curios as to why this isn’t a feature already as i don’t think it’s that hard to implement?
It’s also a pity because this type of callsign is such a big part of real world aviation as well.


This should be in #features
But as you are only TL1, you cant post here yet.

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To answer your question, you can set a general aviation callsign but there are limitations. It was abused in the past and the ability for words was removed. There are some people who have never changed their callsign whoever still have the old model.

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oh right,
any chance of a return of this type of callsign? ;)

I don’t want to say never but it was abused.

You can already create your own general callsign. Just no spaces.

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I understand what he is talking about.
When you have option to choose airline, number and suffix, he wants to introduce letters in numbers parts to sound like real call sign.
Example if I want to make realistically flight, I could take one, SWR80KJ. And we can’t put “Swiss / 80KJ / None”. Only “Swiss / 80 / None” and if we have GA call sign it would put “Sierra Whiskey Romeo eighty Kilo Juliet”.

There’s a little “hack” I use to make this possible. The only disadvantage here is that this only affects the client-side of the game.

This works for European callsigns. Basically, I would set my callsign to the real world one of my choosing e.g. Shamrock 135 Heavy. In the voice settings as shown in the tutorial, I change the pronunciation of “Shamrock 135 Heavy” to “Shamrock 1 Hotel Lima Heavy (1HL).

Now when I communicate with ATC, I will hear that callsign instead of Shamrock 135 Heavy. Again, this is only a client-side “hack.” Users and ATC will still hear you as Shamrock 135 Heavy but you’ll hear yourself and your transmissions as Shamrock 1HL Heavy.

It’s a pretty cool workaround until we get the real thing. I love using it all the time especially when I am recreating real-world EU flights. If you’re having trouble doing this, feel free to inbox me and I’ll be glad to help. :)

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Yes on iOS I know this interesting feature but the problem still here because we are the only one to hear it :)

Like I said, it’s a good workaround for now until we get the real thing.

Would you rather hear some iteration of a European callsign coming from yourself or nothing at all? Doesn’t really matter what others hear. It’s what you hear that does.

Plus, if someone so happens to have the same pronunciations as you, they’ll also hear your “hacked” callsign.

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