Letters above the cockpit windows

I haven’t bad eyes, believe me, but I have a question. Above the cockpit windows are two letters, but I just can not read, Does anyone know what letters they are?

That is the name of the aircraft. I think it’s foxtrot Oscar.

yes last two letters of the “Tail Number” (registration number). Often found on the doors to the fwd landing gear. Not sure if that is as well as or instead of though

I watched a documentary on British airways maintenance center and they called the plane two letters like echo delta.

yes, that short hand “name” will be the last two letters of the aircrafts registration number. Different to the radio call sign that it will have once in service and given a ‘flight number’.

for example G-VIIG is a British Airways B772. It will be called 'India Golf" in short hand, but when in service with ATC would be know by its Flight Number ie “Speedbird 49” ( EGLL- KSEA)

The last 2 letters of the registration. They are also on the nose gear.

On that one is see Romeo Oscar. To check you could Google the callsign.

You forgot the country prefix.

The characters you see in the pictures are unclear. Can you see wich letters they are?

Should be RC from PH-XRC.

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true…but a British Airways Engineer talking to another British Airways Engineer or someone in British Airways Operations would only use the last two as a/c identifier.

Now I have a new question. Can you see which letters above the nose wheel?

Sierra foxtrot?

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There are also planes with three letters on the nose gear door and over the cockpit.