Letter M on B757 reverses grid

Hi all today I was playing back some replays of the B757 and saw something that I don’t think should be there.
When reverses have been set on the grid appears the Letter M on both the outer and inner part of the reverse grid. I have tied looking at images on Google but haven’t found anything that appears with the Letter M. I found this on the Rolls Royce engine.

IF version - 20.3.1
Samsung S8 - Android 9
Max graphics, anti alising off

Again not to sure if this is supposed to be there.



I tried a bunch of different graphics combinations in one of the liveries with an RB211 wngine but I could never see it on my device.

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It’s probably Misha’s soul haunting your aircraft…I could not reproduce this issue on my IPad.


Misha: here’s your Tee that they are looking for

It appears to only be the TUI livery, as if the TUI.COM has gone through the engine cover.

Samsung Galaxy A70
Android 10
Max graphics (except low resolution)


Yes it only seems to be in the TUI which is what livery I took my screenshot in.

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Well https://www.tumi.com/ takes you to a luggage/travel site and store commonly found at US airports… maybe this is another easter egg? Seems kinda sus to be just a coincidence…

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