Hi guys! Welcome to this alliance where we encourage freedom! We have a small fleet right now but we will constantly be making it bigger by time! You can fly a livery that has colours but has to mostly white or grey! We have selected some that goes by that code!

Our airlines and fleet!

10 A320: Aeroflot, Air France, Lufthansa, SAS, US Airways, Vueling
20 A321: Aer Lingus, ANA, Etihad 2015, Iberia, Middle Eat Airlines, Swiss, Alitalia
14 A340 600: Etihad, House Colors, Qatar, South African, Thai Airways, Virgin Atlantic
12 737 900: Aeroflot, Delta, Jet Airways, KLM, Turkish Airlines
18 757 200: British Airways, Delta, Icelandair, Monarch, Transavia, US Airways
16 777 200ER: Air France, Alitalia, ANA, British Airways, Delta, KLM, Japan Airlines, Thai Airlines
15 A330 300: Aeroflot, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Delta airline, Egypt Air, SAS, Swiss
We are planning to be extending our fleet once we get 7 members, 10 members, 12 members, 14 members and 16 members.

18 A318: Avianca, British Airways, Frontier, Airfrance
15 A319: Air Berlin, Air Canada Rouge, Air France, British Airways, Delta, Easy Jet, Qatar Airways
7 717: AirTran, Delta, Hawaiian, QantasLink, Quantum Air
21 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400: SA Express, Air Berlin, Ethiopian, Horizon Air, Luxair, QantasLink
ERJ 170; Delta, Lot
ERJ 190: British Airways, JetBlue, KLM

12 A330 200F: Etihad, Turkish Airlines Cargo, UPS
10 777 200F: China Southern, China Cargo, Emirates Cargo, Etihad Cargo, FedEx, Qatar Cargo
7 747 800: Air Bridge Cargo, Boeing Freight, Nippon Cargo, Cargolux

LetsGoPrivate: These liveries are all in the private livery so i not gonna list the livery just the planes except for the generic planes!
5 A318
Boeing 737 700 BBJ
Dash 8 Q400: Generic
Embraer 170: Generic

if you want to join: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1G-grfFOb-uZfjLdDw7uMQTMEbH9borkFWaRaQQCxak4/edit?usp=forms_home&ths=true

Hope you guys join! If you want routes once you’ve joined the alliance you will be requested to join Slack. If you want to join just PM me or leave a comment or visit the link! On there i will post a routes! If you want anymore information PM me! Please join! Happy Flying - Josh!

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I love our team

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Its amazing! And I saw you when i was on final an A319 Delta you were Virgin America with Redwood call sign!

Great move @jdag2004_the_gamer_a I also notice that we are all fond of the Australians (I guess it runs in the blood of Southern Africans) so you might consider as alliance with them

Yes of course! But we have to grow abit first.

Do you want to join as pilot for a virtual airline or as a virtual airline for an alliance?

this makes no sense: alliances don’t hire pilots this is not an alliance and shouldn’t be treated as such.

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He says he is new to the whole VA thing.
I don’t understand if he want’s to join with his VA or not.

no the owner of this “Alliance” has not actually created an alliance he’s created an airline. Lets be real here

I changed it.

Click the link. It doesn’t contain a virus :D

it should also be changed in the database

I’m too lazy to do that XD
Jk I’ll do that

hahaha I’m too lazy to become a regular so ill just moan at everyone till something gets changed XD

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Sir, we are hiring pilots for the airlines! The airlines fall under my alliance.

This has been renamed to LetsGoAirlines as it does not qualify as an Alliance. You should change it or a mod should change this to LetsGoAirlines.
An alliance can not hire pilots. Airlines hire pilots.

If you disagree you should contact me in PM because then I can explain to you how airlines and alliances operate in the real world.

Ok i understand. But the reason i have a link is that you can fly for the airlines. They are airlines and they all fall under LetsGoAlliance.

Thats why i have alliance in the name!

Here’s an example: Lufthansa, is named The Lufthansa Group this has Lufthansa, Germanwings Eurowings, Lufthansa Cargo. But! This isn’t an alliance it is an airline. Under one company. You can’t make an airline and call it an alliance because you only have one airline as the owner of it. If you want to make an alliance you have to have more than 1 airline.