Let's use "Going Around" Properly!

I think lots of pilots incorrectly assume that announcing that they’re “Going Around” means that they’re going to fly around the airport, or go around for a landing. I hear (even on the advanced server) pilots announcing that they’re going around after they’ve taken off, or even when entering the pattern.

Here’s some good info on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go-around

A landing aircraft will first join the circuit pattern and prepare for
landing in an orderly fashion. If for some reason the pilot decides not
to land, he can simply fly back up to circuit height, and complete
another circuit.

An appropriate use for “Announce Go Around” would be if ATC tells you to do so, you notice a runway incursion (somebody is on the runway when you’re trying to land), or if you’ve botched the landing and need to go around for another try.

Any real-world pilots or ATC experts are welcome to correct me or add to this.

Thanks, gang. Fly safely!


i think you described it very well!

one more thing: if not instructed otherwise , maintain the runway heading until you passed the runway, then enter the pattern or follow the atc instructions.

happy landings

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When you’re flying around the airport, you are circling the airport or are in a holding pattern :)

Good explanation on going around.

Best, Boeing707

Yes. Hence this post, man.

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Good post. I posted something on FB IFFG about the difference of “Remaining in the Pattern” and ‘Going Around’ a couple of weeks ago.

We also have WAY too many people using "Remaining in the Pattern’ and departing the airspace, rather than asking for a departure in their desire direction.


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lol… @AviationJunkie this post isn’t for the people that aren’t using this website :smirk:

You are right, unless they listen to atc conversation before, it would take them sometime.😀😀 why everyone loosing patient. Advanced server should be way way up there to qualify. First I was nervous to enter the ad server thinkin I’ll do silly mistake then I found out its no different to any other server😂😂😂😂

Thank Jason. I stand corrected! (Now back in the day etc. ect) Max Sends