Let's talk TNCM!

And they don’t have that much traffic

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I wish some airline with 747’s would cone to TNCM with dem 747’s

Air Carabies said there first A350 will fly

Paris Orly - Point-a-Pitre 4x Weekly effective 1/3/17
Paris Orly - Fort-de-france 4x Weekly effective 4/3/17

They have orders for 5. with the first expecting to be delivered February / March. I wouldn’t expect them to fly to TNCM (YET) They might keep the A330 on the route but you never know. The owner of Air Caraibes owns French Blue. Another carrier expecting an A350 in 2017. He might send it to TNCM once they get their second but you never know.

regular AN-225 services
regular EKK A380 services
regular UFO services


What if the a380 went there?

The A380 cant go there. It’s too large for the aprons, and the runway is too small.

But, Hey at least I felt the four hair dryers

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