Lets Talk About Our Current Flights!

Hey guys, I am not new. If you remember Riley Grim I am him. Also , Lets talk about our current flights. I am currently doing KATL-PHNL via KLAX on training server. I have taken a break from IF and haven’t posted in a while and am happy to be back!

Welcome back!! Right now I’m doing LGAV-OTHH


Was this account banned or something?

Same exact thing, miles ahead of you probably

What plane?

Please PM this, thanks!

787-10 that’s why I said the same exact thing

Please use this thread:

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No I am on another device and forgot my password so yeah

Also using 738

Nice! I should arrive to LA for a stopover in about 2 hr 15 mins or so. Then, back to the air for a around 5 and a half-6 hour flight!

I’m Currently flying from EGCC-MKJS.

This will be shut down any second. If you would like to discuss your flights, do it on PM. If you want to point out where each other is, use the thread that @Niccckk has linked you.

I’m really enjoying this flight!

Let’s use PM for flight discussions.