Let's talk about KNUC

(This post is for TS1) I talk about everything of KNUC to give you information and advices so you are free to choose! ;)
Guys guys guys…
KNUC, is a small small airport, so it isn’t an airport for Heavy Aircrafts like B747, B777, B787 and for Super Aircrafts like A380 and maybe, in the future, for the Antonov An-225…

So, if you want this airport become more realistic please choose a smaller aircaft, because actually, KNUC airport is a Military Airport and not a Commercial Airport for big Aircraft, also the Parking is too small, so Airplanes will occupate the space of another and that isn’t really “beautiful to see”.
So choose a Military Aircraft like F-18, F-16 and all the smallest Airplanes in IF.

I know that many people like use more beautiful Airplanes, so they can use them in Casual Server or maybe in TS2 because there, there aren’t many people, BIG AIRPLANES MAKE TRAFFIC in fact every time I do ATC there, I see an Infinite queue to take off, so people be nervous and they begin to exceed others Airplanes and It will impossible to control the Airport

Thanks for your attention, Bye!


nice idea but duplicate :/

Welcome to KNUC International👍🏼🤗


No, I talk about everything of KNUC, and not for the incredible TRAFFIC 😉

Well the points are accurate and valid, but as far as IF is concerned it’s identified as a class bravo facility.

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Direct flight to Guantanamo. 🙂


KNUC will be empty when Global comes out ^^

Maybe, but Global Flight will come out in some months 😉

Been discussed so many times in the past.