Let's take time to appreciate VFR in Hawaii

As you may or must have noticed, 22.1 is now out!

I am initially not a fan of VFR flying without a HUD (it’s quite a challenge for me as I use this feature all the time) but 22.1 brought out great content to fly in the Hawaiian Islands.

As a fellow Infinite Flight user I would invite you to go the Hawaii with a Cessna Caravan or anything else really!

the beautiful Cessna Caravan leaving Kahului

I’ve been Island Hopping right now and it remains quite a challenge as runways in Hawaii are barely 4.000 ft long, if you love challenges, fly there it’s fabulous and very picturesque.

the Eastern coast of Lanai island

If you don’t like VFR or even if you like it, please do me a favor and fly there to appreciate the great work done is this remote place of the World.

here banking into Lanai

For people preferring airline flying, Mokulele C208B was added in 22.1 and allows you to make lots of combinations of flights all around the islands realistically

reaching the ~3.000ft long runway of Kapalua

After flying there, feel free to leave your best shots or advise some people on where to fly.

The flight portrayed was a Mokulele C208B from Kahului to Kapalua with a stop in Lanai city.

Hope you liked these shots,
Have a great week,



I was home ported in Pearl Harbor when i was Navy 20 years ago.

Just did a Dash 8 hop from PHLI to PHNL 8R this evening…

Will be back many more times I’m sure.

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