Let's Show PSA How It's Done! @ KCLT - 032100ZJUL18

Let’s Show PSA How It’s Done!

In case you weren’t aware 2 weeks ago 1100+ flights were cancelled due to a “Computer Glitch”. I personally was affected, stuck in Charlotte overnight, and figured what a great way to get some fun out of the experience.
The flight will take off from Charlotte and arrive at Washington Dulles. The flight plan to follow matches the real flight plan, including depature and arrival instructions, as filed in real life by PSA Airlines. It has been tested in IF.

This is for fun and a feeling of the real flight so I have included a ton which makes as real as you can get without doing the flight yourself. I’ll run this event again in a month after finding out what worked and didn’t for this one. Best wishes and have a great flight.


Aircraft Type: CRJ900 (CanadaAir Regional Jet 900)
Airline: American Eagle
Date/Time: 03 July '18/2100Z (7:00 PM EST)
ETE: 1 Hour (Including ATC)
Cruising Altitude: FL250
Speed: Below 10,000 (240kts ) Above 10,000 (275kts) (IAS)
TakeOff: +2000 Feet Per Minute until 7000, then ±1000 Feet Per Minute for all other altitude changes
Departure: CLT (Charlotte Douglas Intl)
Arrival: IAD (Washington Dulles Intl)
Server: Training

Generated Flight Plan
(Converted to IF by FPLtoIF.com) (Copy, then Paste Into your Map Flight Plan Search Box)
IF Flight Plan to Copy: KCLT MUNBE LILIC 3532N/7949W 3542N/7916W 3612N/7849W 3732N/7754W 3739N/7749W 3753N/7742W BNTLY 3810N/7732W 3814N/7729W KASDY BARIN STAYO TRING MIXNN KIAD

Gates: G13, G15, G17, G19, G18 (This puts you at the end of the PSA gate terminal.) - Reply to this post and you’ll be assigned a gate, located at the end of this post. I’ll add more gates if we get more than 5 replies. 2 Gates booked so far - going to be a blast.

Weight & Balance: Choose Normal (1.5 Hours of Travel Time)

You can’t use this one though as not all waypoints exist in IF. Use the converted flight plan instead.

Air Traffic Control (Volunteers Requested)
ATC CLT Ground/Tower Depature: Tidex
ATC CLT Depature: Looking for a Volunteer - See Depature Plate & Information Below
ATC Potomac Approach: Looking for a Volunteer - See Approach Plate Below
ATC IAD Ground/Tower: Looking for a Volunteer


  • Please demonstrate proper airmanship throughout the course of this event
  • Please maintain proper spacing; 10nm during cruise and 5nm during approach
  • Please follow all ATC instructions if any, if not please use UNICOM correctly and responsibly

Depature & Arrival Information - Directly from Dep/Arr Plates:
CLT Depature
KILNS3 Depature (Please note Altitude Information)

TAKEOFF RWY 36R: Climb heading 003° to 1260, then on heading 025° or
as assigned by ATC, expect RADAR vectors to MUNBE, thence. . . .
TAKEOFF RWY 36L: Climb heading 003° to 1260, then on heading 315° or
as assigned by ATC, expect RADAR vectors to MUNBE, thence. . . .
TAKEOFF RWY 36C: Climb heading 003° to 1260, then on heading 330° or
as assigned by ATC, expect RADAR vectors to MUNBE, thence. . . .
TAKEOFF RWY 23: Climb heading 235° to 1260, then on heading 235° or
as assigned by ATC, expect RADAR vectors to MUNBE, thence. . . .
TAKEOFF RWY 18R: Climb heading 183° to 1260, then on heading 200° or
as assigned by ATC, expect RADAR vectors to MUNBE, thence. . . .
TAKEOFF RWYS 18L/C: Climb heading 183° to 1260, then on heading 183°
or as assigned by ATC, expect RADAR vectors to MUNBE, thence. . . .
TAKEOFF RWL 5: Climb headling 055 to 1260, then on heading 055 or as
assigned by ATC, expect RADAR vectors to MUNBE, thence. . . .

. . . .on depicted route to KILNS, then on AUDII transition. Maintain 8000.
Expect clearance to filed altitude within 10 minutes after departure.

IAD Arrival
DORRN - CAVLR3 Arrival


From BNTLY on track 037° to cross MEEGO
at or above 11000, then on track 037° to
cross CAVLR at 10000 and at 250K.
From CAVLR on track 026° to cross KASDY
at 7000, then on track 020° to cross COINZ
at 6000, then on track 010°. Expect RADAR
vectors to final approach course

From CAVLR on track 026° to cross KASDY
at 7000, then on track 024° to cross BARIN
at 6000, then on track 012° to cross STAYO
at 4000, then on track 012° to TRING, then
on track 012° to MIXNN, then on track 012°.
Expect RADAR vectors to final approach course

Assigned Gates

E13 - @Jpeterson2131
E15 - @Mats (Flight Completed)
E17 - @Adam_Macaulay



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This is a well-planned and well-constructed post! I can tell that a lot of effort, thought, and preparation went into this event.

Now I know rules are rules (see above), however, I think an exception should be made. The topic is formatted correctly, has a lot of detail, and it contains all necessary information for users who are willing to join you for this flight. It would be great if a moderator could move it to the events category for you.

This is another great example of how event topics should be made. It sets the bar for others and also improves the overall forum quality. :)



I totally agree. However, the event would be at 11 pm my local time so it does not work for me. I hope to be able to join another of your events.

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Thank you for the positive posts. I’ll make sure the next one is done on a Saturday so that I can post for middle of the day.

Thank you again,

Thats true. It is well organized and well detailed!! As you have said rules are rules, but it would be nice if for one time a mod or regular could move it to events!!

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Understood and thank you for this information. Do you wish for me to remove this post for now or can it be moved?

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I dont want to be removed.I am just reminding you our community guidelines.With such good informations I would totally agree moving it to live:events Let the mods decide😉

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Can i have gate g13 cant wait this is my favorite airline

Is it enough just to reply for signing in? If yes save me a gate please

Gate 13 is yours. I hope you enjoy.

Gate 15 is yours. I hope you have a great flight.

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I have updated the post to include notams and gate assignments. I am working to locate controllers.

I’m happy to be ground or tower if you need.

Wonderful, Thank you, I’ll take departure then. If interested, after take off is complete you can switch to iad and take that as well and I’ll do approach unless you would like to switch it up. I really appreciate it.

I will alter the flight plan 1 hour from takeoff to match to expected runway on departure and arrival, this will match the munbe intercept for kilns3 transition and arrival intercept of barin for cavlr3 transition. Hope everyone enjoys. It is getting exciting.

I couldn’t find gate G15 at KCLT so I spawned at E15. Waiting for u guys

Sorry running. late coming now, sorry so sorry

We are off the ground - I messed up on the to local time. I meant 7PM but actually stored 5PM, totally my bad. So far so good. Future notes: Make sure to say E15 not G15. (I meant to say Gate E15 not G15). Make sure you convert correctly the Zulu time to local time. I’ll return again for 7PM just in case someone joins using the time I specified in the post.
3rd note - request callsign as xxx ### - this way we know who is who.
4th note - request arrival 5-15 minutes before depature time.
5th note - specify where the host will be gated.

EnRoute FPL updated to match to weather in DC