Let's Show Airports Equal Respect!

25R and 24L landings at LAX exist, but they’re probably one of the rarest landings:

24L is somewhat more common:


6R is still commonly used for arrivals at LAX, from what I’ve seen, even more than 6L, in the morning.

Lol. Do you think there is some magic airport configuration database that all of us IFATC get that informs us of the typical configurations of all airports around the world? Just like pilots, some folks do more research than others. Some open with whatever configuration they please. If a configuration offends your sensibilities so much you find it “offensive,” feel free to fly elsewhere for a bit.


Indeed. During the night hours, 6L and 6R are used for landing and the 25s are used for takeoffs. Noise abatement procedures.

I’m split on this.

I see where you’re coming from; I get infuriated when I see someone landing on 10/28 @ KATL since that runway is closed right now. Every time I see it I think, “If you can’t follow real world proceedures, then you aren’t an expert and you shouldn’t be on expert server.” If you are flying on the expert server, you should be expected to act professional (you know, as an expert would), and that doesn’t mean just keeping your speed under 250 KIAS until 10000. That means being realistic all the time! And that doesn’t mean perfection, but you should be held to a high-ish standard. If you can’t or don’t want to meet that standard, you aren’t an expert; take yourself to training or casual!

But on the flip side, there’s really nothing we can do about it. Want to add NOTAMs with real world procedures for the literal millions of airports in the world? Good luck with that! Want to make a topic urging IF users to use realistic procedures every time they fly? Hell, half the people playing IF don’t even know about the IFC! And honestly, most people on the expert server won’t even bother to read this topic (unfortunately).

I agree about the need for people to respect real world procedures when they fly, especially on expert, but I just can’t think of a good solution to make this happen.


No I understand that some people do more research then others it just can be annoying. I am in the IFATC recruitment process right now so that I can control airports in South Florida to the best realism. It is not a matter of being offended or not. It is lovely to see you in another Realism™ topic

Unfortunately, this happens daily. After all Infinite Flight is a free game where you can pretty much fly anywhere you’d prefer. But I agree, our expert server pilots do need to learn more about procedures used and contacting ATC. It happens all the time, someone lands 26R at KLAS, i get triggered, but I cannot do anything. You have to let it be :) I’m glad you know how to utilize the traffic advisories on unicom. You yourself can make a change by flying the correct procedures.

Happy landings!

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Indeed, I feel the same when ppl landing their aircraft at the south runway of VHHH which was designed for arrival only at the north and departure at the south. However, virtual pilots fly in IF for various reasons, some are for realistic while others are just for fun, its hard to ensure everyone in IF know everything ;) Anyway, thanks for your post. Cheers!

Speaking for myself, I am often none the wiser what runways are rarely used. I am an ad hoc flyer, meaning I will often decide on a route on the fly (no pun intended).

If I know that some runways at certain airports aren’t used as often, then I’d oblige though this is not always the case and it doesn’t bother me if I land on a runway that’s ‘rarely’ used so long it can handle my aircraft.

Personally, I had no clue that planes rarely land on Runway 25L at Hong Kong (VHHH) until someone told me.

I dont even know how to find this information out, where do you find what runways are used more than others?

People can’t help if they don’t know about realistic procedures, that’s the beauty of IF, pilots can do what they want, when the want, and where they want, that’s what makes IF the best mobile sim out there

Ngl this does trigger me tho 😂


It is because the south runway is located between the passenger terminals and the cargo terminals, this bring convenience for departures especially during rush hours at midnight, since most cargo flights depart and arrive during these time while the long haul passengers to Europe and the states mostly packed in these few hours. However, VHHH does offer arrival on both runways sometimes during morning :)

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Oh okay thank you for letting me know! I believe I landed on 25L when flying in early morning from Mumbai back in February so that clears the confusion.

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wow! I appreciate all the comments! Thanks for giving this a read 😁

I do a agree and see al your points, but in my mind, I believe that checking FR24 or FlightAware for correct operating procedures and then at least attempting them is an expectation of expert server pilots! Of course barring any extraordinary circumstances, you should be able to execute.

Also, I’m seeing a lot of comments about taxi times. I’m not asking you to provide a perfect taxi pattern (I myself don’t know these at most airports, yet I do try to implement them to the best of my abilities. FR24 is you friend here), but at least an attempt should be made in my mind!

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I have mixed feelings about this.
Realism is great on one hand, but on the other i think youre asking for too much to be honest.
Yes you can check FR24 for info but that info, in this case active runways, also changes on a daily basis. As for your example for KORD, im not a fan of it tbh.

Let me present you the oposite scenario: you and i are both in widebody jets at LIRF. You say that youre taxiing to rwy25 for takeoff and i start sending traffic advisories that 34R is in use. In this cade you didnt know that widebodies most of the time use 34L or 16R for takeoff, since those are closest to their terminals, and you dont react.
How were you even supposed to know that? All of the mentioned runways even the above mentioned 25 are used for widebody takeoffs, depending on the weather and other factors.

I dont at that moment start thinking how youre " not giving equal respect" to LIRF. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people are ok without that added level of realism. As @Ecoops123 and others said, most people just go for the quickest and most convenient arrival.

Also tbh, youre using KORD as an example, one of the most well known airports in the world.
Most people dont know the exact procedures for airports like KLAX, KORD, KJFK, let alone LIRF, or even smaller airports.

Finally, please dont get me wrong, i dont think your intention is bad, we all like extra realism, but as others said, its just a mobile sim after all, and people will play how they want to play

I understand your point. But I also want to point out: it’s still a game. Nothing more nothing less. I completely understand that some of you want to play as close to reality as possible. But please also try to understand that some of the virtual pilots won’t. If ATC is available I would recommend that they take care to enforce the rules to get it as close as possible to real aviation procedures. For other airports, I’m just speaking for myself: I personally won’t check every single airport for its corresponding real life procedures.


Your quest to see realism is valid as many have said above but in this mobile Sim environment Realism and Realistic procedures can only go so far. For starters, we would have all planes and liveries realistically available in the world from Beijing to Timbuktu but it is not possible. We would NOT have planes in the SIM with INFINITE Flight Livery since there are none in real life. Also individuals pay for a personal flight experience on the available servers with the promise to try and adhere to Sim rules and be respectful to others and have fun…they are not asked to dot every i and cross every t to be allowed to fly. When my 10 year old grabs his iPad and tells me Dad let’s fly to Helsinki today in IF I don’t scramble to go to flightradar24 to see the realistic procedures for the day…I just say, son let’s go create a flight plan using the the available procedures in IF…we don’t sweat to figure out whether we should land on 22L or 22R…we just go to have fun…so long as we don’t taxi through other planes or taxi on grass…or Take off from the gates we spawn at… Cheers! Let us have realistic fun and keep learning at the same time. FYI my son is not an IFC member even so, he wouldn’t have the patience to read all the stuff we share here but he follows the foundational rules in IF sometimes even better than me. But in agreement, it doesn’t hurt to have some semblance of realism if an individual so desires, however, it can’t be enforced realistically. You can’t PM Staff or Mods just because you spotted a guy do Touch and Goes at KSFO using an unmarked A380…they will simply 😳.

I think the best thing we can do to be realistic is to replicate real-world flights. For example, a few months ago I saw a plane landing on 08L/26R at Gatwick. Does this mean it’s unrealistic if I decide to land on that runway even if there is a NOTAM saying that runway is to be used as a taxiway? Yes and no. I mean, technically it is realistic because a real flight did it but on the other hand the runway is closed 99% of the time. Sometimes in real life there are exceptions which we may not be aware about and this could exalting why you see someone landing on a runway which is almost never used IRL. We also have to understand that after all this is a simulator and that people can do whatever they want. It’s no use getting annoyed at people who aren’t follow RWP as we can’t do anything about it. The only thing which we can do something about is spread information about the procedures for each airport and try to be as realistic as we can be. After all, change starts with ourselves.

Airport realistic runway usage on infinite flight would be unlikely because it is a mobile sim and there are many players that use this app. Some users have experience flying on real planes in the real world and/or understand the while others have never had experience flying an actual aircraft To make things ever harder that airports in IF cannot have realistic is some people would not be able to understand the airport operations including teens and children who does play the simulator. Most people would choose the runway that is closest to the terminal or vice versa. I have seen in gatwick that planes would land and takeoff on both runways even though in real life the longer runway 8R/26L would be in use unless an incident occurred or if construction is active

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