Let's Show Airports Equal Respect!

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I want to bring this topic up today because I feel that it isn’t as talked about, yet is prevalent enough to have an engaging discussion.

Recently, I have been noticing some unfair treatment of airports in respect to their realistic procedures. The additions of SIDs/STARs have for sure reduced the number of runways errors, but I have noticed this realism to be disproportionate between airports.

Example: if someone were to spot a grade 3, or expert server qualifying pilot, land on runway 25R or 24L (the inside runways) at KLAX airport, many would probably point their errors out right away and, hopefully, the wronged pilot will proceed to land realistically in the future.

However, just today, as I was on final rwy 10C at KORD, I saw two grade 3 pilots landing on rwy 10L. Anyone familiar with KORD procedures would know that they rarely land on 10L. I proceeded to provide some traffic advisories for 10C in the hope they would correct course, only to have one of the pilots respond back with a countering traffic advisory. This really got me upset as there was no way I could convince them that 10C was the realistic runway.

As a local Chicago resident, it gets me upset when airports like KLAX are (to some degree) kept more realistic compared to airports like KORD, and tons of others across the globe, which are blatantly ignored!

My question is this: if realism can be upheld at airports like KLAX, why can’t we uphold realism at all airports?

What gets me upset even more is that this, I feel, should be an expectation rather than a common courtesy of expert sever pilots. You should be checking for correct runway procedures in use, regardless of whether IFATC is present or not. There are tons of free resources that pilots can use to check for correct runway operations, including Flightradar24.com, FlightAware.com, and liveflightapp.com for when IFATC is present. This unfair, and biased treatment of realism is present, and we need to work towards ending it as much as possible.

Let’s try to uphold realism everywhere, not just at popular airports or at those you want!

Many of you will probably ignore this post, or even try to counter it. I would like to engage in a healthy discussion about this and all of your opinions without having an argument.

I understand that there are a plethora of IFATC restrictions at controlled airports, but this post is in regards to situations without IFATC presence. We love the IFATC effort, and this post is NOT ABOUT IFATC!

Lets try to keep the comments respectful and adhere to the IFC rules. Thanks for reading! 😁


We’ve never enforced realistic procedures (although I am a SoCal realism “nerd”). Sometimes, it may be hard with the traffic levels. Heck, some of us may not even know. I know it’s annoying to see someone using an unrealistic procedure, parking somewhere where they shouldn’t, or landing on the wrong runway, but they may not know. Not everyone takes time to check FR24 or whatnot.


Hi! Thanks for sharing this. But as someone who isn’t from the US, i don’t know any procedures anywhere and it’s the same with a large percentage of us. There unfortunately isn’t anything that we can do about it :/


I see what your saying in your example about the landing runways at KORD but the problem is without ATIS they wouldn’t have know that 10L isn’t used for landings.

Of course we are on the Expert Server, but the majority of pilots don’t know the realistic procedures used at the airport, and just will choose the quickest arrival and runway approach into the airport and to the nearest gate. Nothing we can do, we can’t teach people ‘here’s every airport and how to fly at each them’ sadly. We’ve just got our local realism police to enforce absolute pain and agony to their OCD for the airport in question.


People pay for what they want to do 🤷‍♂️

No one can really control that. Many people who want realism will do it but others might not care as much or at all about realism at any airport.


I see a lot of comments about not knowing the procedures at the arriving airport.

Fair argument, but I feel that there are resources that pilots can utilize to make sure they at least attempt! That’s all I want! There isn’t even an attempt at keeping realism, I feel! I’m not asking for perfect taxi patterns (although that would be a nice bonus 😅) Again, it should be expectations imo for pilots to at least check FR24, or other such sources.

IF can’t mandate that. Plain and simple, it’s a mobile flight simulator.


We’re not denying that the added realism would make IF even better than it already is. But as @Thunderbolt said it’s unrealistic for EVERYONE to research these procedures and follow them, especially when a decent amount of the user base is teens who are just getting into aviation.


Users may want to know and keep things realistic at airports, which is awesome because it makes the simulator a lot more fun to use and fly when people are acting and flying realistically.

But I think there is a majority of other users where an airport is just an airport. Spawn in, get the FPL ready, fire up the engines, taxi to a runway, and take off. Then, land and taxi to the gate. Which should be completely fine because that’s what the simulator is for, to get behind the controls and just fly, not to worry about realistic procedures.


KORD is also never not staffed by ATC in the real world and they dictate which runways are in use. On Unicom you can’t expect anything to be enforced. Even at controlled airports with IFATC we use all available runways and don’t follow real world runway usages or closures.


I am really struggling to write an adequate answer here as I have mixed feelings about the topic.

One one hand I love realism and especially at airports I am familiar with I definitely judge people not following realistic procedures.

On the other hand I struggle with seeing a reason why you shouldn’t land on the runway with the shortest taxi time, or the runway you prefer as long as you don’t interfere with other pilots, as we don’t have noise regulations, nor departure-only runways in IF, and everyone should be able to do what’s best for him/her, as long as this isn’t negatively affecting other users.


Part of this might also be specific to KORD. It has a lot of runways and I know from real world experience that the taxi time after landing is incredibly long and I just don’t have time for that in IF. KORD also has many different runway restrictions in real life. You mentioned KLAX where landing on the inner or outer runway doesn’t really make a difference. In the end I don’t really think it matters that much.


Sometimes with high traffic at a busy airport. You may or may not be able to follow the real world procedures. And that’s ok.

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People should fly the simulator the way they want to. Want to fly a 200 mile domestic route in a 777, go for it. Want to try out different runways, have at it. Want to descend at 6000 ft/min, dive bomb it (in uncontrolled airspace’s of course).

For those who want to fly realistically, do so, but don’t expect everyone else to do so. Simple as that.

Keep it Real ™…


I sure hope you don’t descend at 6000 ft/min on Expert Server…


Look, everyone will get things wring when th3y go to an airport that they aren’t used to. Here is an example, people landing on 23L at NZAA before runway entery/exit A2 even though there is runway works going on there.

It’s what they know

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Well the real difference here is that LAX doesn’t use 25R and 24L for arrivals, period. But you said that ORD will rarely use 10L, which means it could still be used. This realism will be hard to keep. I see people landing on 25R at LAX, yes it does bother me slightly, but as long as I’m flying realistically, I’m ok with it

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Here, The BORE2 arrival comes over my house, for 16R.

  1. 16L/34R is rarely used from what I see
  2. 07/25 has never been used from what I have seen for a long tine

You are not the only one! One time I was landing at MIA and the IFATC controller was landing from the East which almost never happens. It was just that there was a 90 degree crosswind and he chose that side. It is so disgusting to see this as a local of the airport you are arriving/departing to

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