Let's see some 1st and 2nd Gen airliners!

My username and the topic title says it all! Bring on the classics!

I know that this won’t come soon, but just putting this out there to see what people think…

The essentials:

Boeing 707
Boeing 727

de Havilland DH.106 Comet Mk. I and IV
Douglas DC-8

Cool but non-essential:

Boeing 737-200/-300 (We already the -700 to -900, including the BBJ-1)
Convair CV-880/-990
Douglas DC-9 (We already have the Boeing 717)
Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle

Some more 2nd Gen aircraft would be cool too:

Airbus A300/A310
Boeing 737-300/-400/-500
Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
Tupolev Tu-154
McDonnell Douglas MD-81/-82/-83/-87/-88 (Any of these would be great)

Best, Boeing707


I’m not one that cares much about adding a ton of planes and liveries. I am much more about improving the other aspects of IF, feeling that we have plenty of choices already. That said, some early era planes would be fun…maybe the B-52 or some of the first commercial jet airliners. That would be different enough to add something fun…much different than adding the A318 when the A321 is soooo close for our purpose.


Mad Dog would be great!

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YES! that is what this sim, needs. The main i think two planes to add would have to be essentially any MD-81-2-3,etc. We have Boeing 737’s already and airbus enough with 319, 20, 21, etc. So, the second plane would have to be…simply put…CONCORDE!!! C’mon. let’s do it.
And in third place we have go to get a DC-10 or something to that or similar.

And i am fairly new, well, i’ve been using this sim. for over a year but just recently joined the online community and especially now the live wi-fi players around the globe…I have ALL the current planes. All the current Regions. Its great. …BUT!!!
WEATHER…EVER??? i know you guys (creative team) want to improve functions of the plane and how they handle, etc. but i mean, it would be awesome one day…
Also would be great if (IS IT JUST ME) …OR does night flying seem, i don’t know. its dark. i know night should be dark, but something seems “off”
And finally, will we ever , (EVEN IF IT TAKES YEARS) get any “real terrain” and i mean that with the point of . Yes the terrrain and airports all seem accurate and look good.
BUT…give me something, a bridge, a one tiny building. ie. well, where are the , without having the real cities wiith buildings and skycrapers, its that essentially you could choose “any region” and pick randomly but close your eyes. If someone gave you the controlls. its hard to , or it would be somewhat hard to know what city/country you are in. Thanks so much! any responses would be great!! or advice. and I just love . When someone or anyone talks trash about this game as not being, "this or that, or real or , etc. R U KIDDING ME!!! ive PLayed every dumb sim flight app they got and spend money on those. IF is , it is “OUR” little Microsoft flight simulator , circa, 1998. we all use to play on our packard bells. But for them to create this app with soooooo many planes, regions…welll worth the $$$$…thanks! ; )

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