Let's See Everyone's Online Log Book

Everyone can post their Online Log book to see how many pages everyone has


Why would people want to do that?

To show off how many pages of flights they’ve done

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It shouldn’t be a competition to see who has more pages. Some pilots fly often, others fly when they have time.

Instead, I’d suggest taking a look at the post below and seeing where others have flown since the release of global. There’s some absolutely stunning routes that are definitely worth a try!

He doesnt talk about wich flight to do or if anyones suggests one. The main point of the request is to see how many pages everyone has.

I dont think people would be competitive to each other. Instead, I think they will be very happy to see how many pages of flight their fellow pilots have made during the past years. Ofcourse everyone does not fly often, but thats something irrelevant to this post.

@Hyestar123 I am also a bit confused about this topic. Dont know if you are going to get feedback. Hope for the best!!

Here is mine :)


65 pages of flights…lol 😂😂😂😂

I got 138 in my log book

I have over 100 pages so if you would like for me to post 100 pictures I would be more than happy to lol

I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say…no.

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You might crash the website lol.

I would be too embarrassed to show my log though…

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