Lets RECREATE a Live Airport Flyout! @KATL 071800ZSEP19

Thanks to @American_1549 and @BadPlane for this idea

Let’s RECREATE a Live airport (POLL If you’re attending)…ATC…NEEDED… Live

WECOME Lets recreate a live airport in Infinite Flight all day! Server: Trainning Date: September 8 Time: ALL DAY!! NOW YOU VOTE poll Leave comments on what time What we are going to do: So you will go to Flightradar24 and look at all the departing air planes and incoming airplanes and you are going to recreate them and the airport is going to be active the whole day on the decided day After all people vote I will make the event So we need a day of ATC for which ever airport you all cho…

Server : Training

Airport : KATL

Time and date : September 7, 2019, 1800Z

NOTAM : The Theme is Delta Airlines. Please use real-world Flight Plans for this event. To find a Flight Plan, go to Flightradar24.com and/or Flightaware.com to join this event, respond with your Airline, Aircraft, Destination Airport, and a gate Don’t forget it!.

Airport Info :

If you would like to volunteer for an ATC shift, just let me @American_1549, or @BadPlane know.

Shift 1.
Ground : @BadPlane
Tower : @American_1549
Departure : @RyanR
Approach : @Sir_Baller

Shift 2.
Ground : @Gil_S-IFLA
Tower : @CameronH21
Departure : @BadPlane
Approach : @Alejandro_Castaneda
(Backup Approach) : @Ur_Friendly_Approach

Shift 3.
Ground : @Tomjuul1996
Tower : @Abudy
Departure :
Approach : @RyanR

Are you coming?

  • Yes!
  • I have to do something that’s not as cool as this event.
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I’ll also fly out tonight in a Delta 77L to FAOR

Uhh. The event is in 5 minutes. Barely anyone is probably going to show up. If u want a shot of decent attendance, push it back like two weeks or more

No it is on September 7

Title says August 7th

I put the wrong month. My bad.

I don’t think I can attend at that time. How long is each shift?

about 10 mins.

What day of the week is this event

It’s a Saturday.

Each shift is just 10 minutes? I heard it was like 2 hours or something

Let’s get all 544 views of the poll thread to come to the event!!

Why would it be 2 hours? Its 10 to 20 minutes.

It’s about 2:00, yeah.

Each shift is 1Hr & 30 min

Woah buddy, slow down there. Ain’t nobody told me that!

To the pm @KennedyTurner

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Then the event won’t be all day, it’ll be about 4 hours and 30 minutes

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There is going to be more ATC more shifts