Lets Raid NYC! @ Central Park (Manhattan) - 011500ZFEB20 // Its Time To Raid Laura!

Note from George! (Event Below!)

So its 2020! A big year for me, 18 in Feb! And the end of my education days! With me looking for my future jobs in aviation as well 😁.

So I thought what can we Raid, Storm and Deliver this year…if you know me by now, you know i’m prone to my raiding and other crazy events!

Look out for more coming this year!


Its Time to Raid NYC! Home To Our Co-Founder Laura!

Specifically we are aiming for Central Park…not the lake tho 😂, you can skim the water however!

Server: Casual

Aircraft: At your choice!

Time: 2020-02-01T15:00:00Z2020-02-01T17:00:00Z

What To Do?!

For this event, as mentioned, we are storming New York City (NYC)
Home to our Co-Founder, Laura!

The aim is to fill up Central Park
And yes, its on casual! - Do you want violations!?

Who Is Storming!?

  • Me! - Its NYC time!
  • Sadly Not!

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(I know I had some complaints about this way of seeing who is coming…but…its my event!)

So here is to 2020!

We’re coming for you Laura!

See you all there!

Disclaimer: This event was made by @George_Flack. He has no affiliation with the member named in the event or the awesome Flight Simulator used for the event!

If you have any issues with where the location held (because of upsetting news in the past years), please PM me!



There are quite a few events the same day…

@Trio has one, and if I’m not wrong, @Bray as well

However there are different times!

P-38 intensifies


Who’s ready to pull some Sullys 😂


I know I do 😈

Lol jk

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@ran as long as he makes his title shorter I am ok with it. :D


I am doing this for sure mark me down for it

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Ryanair 737 intensifies

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Nasa 747 intensifies


Bet, landing a TBM there

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Oh no. Here we go again 😂 😂 😂

Cool event. I’ll try to make it there


Nah it’s time to Sully an A380 into Central Park.


You bet! Haha!

Fine I’ll be there.

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Awesome! See you then!

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Anyone for some STOL? This is gonna be awesome. 😂

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1 week to go!


I wonder if Laura will show up?

Only A Few Days To Go!

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