Let's populate SoFla

Hello and good day,
If you’re looking to fly let’s try something new. Let’s head down to Florida. I’m going to grab KTPA Tower.

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yea i will come along…i love this region…

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I live in and fly the SFL Region. Look to SWF, fly Regionals and GA along the Gulf Coast. Sarasota South to Naples then east via the Glades. Great municipal airports, the grass and short asphalt fields are a Challange.
Shame the Controllers only man the Tourist “B’s”. KRSW is my home field.
See you in the pattern.at Page Field…

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I fly into RSW nearly every Spring!

I like RSW more than TPA and SRQ (The other two relevant airports in the area for me) because Delta sends MD-88s to RSW to and from LGA :wink:.

Airport is small but not uncomfortably small and is always a pleasure to go through (I never have many issues with the airport).

Best, Boeing707

What I love about South Florida is that it’s kind of like the under-appreciated SoCal.

There are many large airports in the map: TPA, RSW, SRQ, FLL, PBI, and last but certainly not least, MIA.

There are also realistic routes on the map such as MIA-TPA.

SoCal is similar:

Large Airports: LAX, SNA, SAN, LGB, PSP, EDW/9L2, and others I might be forgetting!

In addition, there are realistic routes such as LAX-SAN.

See what I mean about South Florida being under appreciated?

Perhaps the only other comparable regions to South Florida are Hawaii, Sydney, and Amsterdam.

Best, Boeing707

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Tampa is my hometown, so I’m biased and usually control that one if I control in Florida.

(@Dennard_Xavi_Johnson) Be lookin for ya out of RSW in a Caravan, Call Sign: Quality007.
Regards, Max Sends

(@Tristan_Hensley) See you around Page Fld in a Caravan, Call Sign; Quality007.
Regards Max Sends

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My favorite region! I’m always there. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Lol

Haha I live in SG and there’s always only one person in WSSS… -.-

KRSW is my home field as well, I usually fly in the South Florida region alot.