Lets play a game, Name That Airport!

Pittsburgh International Airport

Vancouver International Airport?

Correct! It’s Vancouver

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Area 51 maybe?

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Antalya intl airport in Turkey

You mean Dubai Al Maktoom

Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach International.

If I’m wrong, then SOMEWHERE in Florida.

It’s Miami, @Mats_Edvin_Aaro got it right:-)

Thats atlanta!

that is an airport in newark or the new york city section

Homey Airport at Groom Lake. Who knows what really happens there.

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@Nick_Catalano… Homey/Croom Lake/Area 51 Excellent Nick.

Max Sends

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YVR Vancouver! I’m from Vancouver!

Here is an easy one i took. Now guess!

I took this photo, please don’t use without permission first :)

Same here! 😂😂

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Have a crack at this one

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Shanghai Pudong?

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yes. that is it