Let's Move Some Cargo! @ PANC - 100000ZMAR20

I’m branching over into my next phase of my Infinite Flight world tour, and decided to do a group flight for the transition leg from the USA to Asia.

Boeing 747-8, Any Cargo livery (Nippon Cargo, Boeing Freight, etc.)




In the highly unlikely event IFATC is present, respect their instructions.

This is part of my Infinite Flight world tour, hinted at in the link below
My Infinite Flight visit to Alpena Regional (KAPN)

Hey. 10 0000Z has already passed and it’s more than three hours for 11th 0000Z

Ah. Thank you. Mods, shut 'er down please. I’m stupid 🤦‍♂️

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I don’t think 0000Z is within 3 hours…, sorry 😬

Yeah I kinda forgot about that rule.

Maybe the mods are nice to let this topic open, have fun at the flight 🛫

Will try, if I don’t overfly my destination

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