Let's make URSS popular

With reverse trust yes but, don’t you need a plane to land on a runway not using reverse trust to see if it’s safe to land there?

Cause that how it works

Officially it’s about 3000m and that’s even less than 10000ft
MLW and no reverse

Ok but estimated a A380 needs 11,000 feet of runway

But you said 12000

They have about 1000ft of remaining runway
And frankly, I HAVE seen A380 land on 9000ft runway

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I was acculatly talking about the lenght and not about… wait how did we get in the conversation about, how much run the A380 needs?

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Let’s continue in PM
If you wanna

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Wow, that looks like a really cool airport, never heard of it though…!

Yeah still a great airport :D

I remember when Sochi was the airport for an FNF - that was more than chaos.

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People trolling on ES?

I hate trollers

No - Sochi can’t handle 100-150+ aircraft all at once 😂

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That’s why I don’t normally fly to EGLL on TS

Probably due to the beach and F1.

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