Let's make URSS popular

Hey Guys, I’ve been trying to be more active on the community recently. Anyways… so I was going through random airports that I haven’t really controlled before and stumbled upon this beauty! URSS the terrain around it, the approach, everything is just so wow. So I came up with a request for the community. Lets populate it! Im currently tower and ground here right now, and It would be amazing to get even 5 planes out here to depart and any other planes coming from anywhere else to head over to URSS! It would dope if we could get approach and depp too. I wont write too much but please swing by! Lets make today a good day


How can you expect me not to be confused lol

But yea I agree Sochi is beautiful


oh my god hahaha i knew something was wrong

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Yes there are a lot of hidden gems in Russia which nobody seems to want to fly to. Sochi included


Isn’t Sochi a super popular russian tourist destination?

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Very very true, I wonder why

Yeah It is actually, just did some research on it

#makeurssgreatagain xD


Are you making or vsiting a russian airport?

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what do you mean?

Obviously ATC

I’m just guessing cuz it says “lets make URSS popular” so I guess URSS is russa

ok ok, I got it (like almost got it)

Yes it’s in Russia

Looking at the runway I don’t think it’s around 12,000 feet

Sochi is one of the many gems in Russia. It’s a shame that not many people visit it, however you could partially put this down to a lack of liveries. You can only realistically do one route and that is from Moscow Sheremetyevo. Still though, I’d love to see more people flying in these beautiful parts of Russia, so you could maybe promote them with an actual flyout

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It’s 7218 and 9482 ft respectively

The senery needs to be improve a liitle bit

Yeah, but honestly, even an A380 can land on runways shorter than that

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I am, most of the time, forced to use generic