Let's Make This Realistic!

Hi Infinite Flight Community! My name is James Walsh and I am on the Autism Spectrum! I feel like we need to do all of these changes to Infinite Flight! Can we do this please?

Can we have all of the Frontier and JetBlue liveries in Infinite Flight? Here are the links! Can you add ALL of these liveries please? See link below.
Frontier Airlines Fleet | PlaneCaptures

In addition, please add ALL of these aircrafts:
• Delta Airlines Airbus A320–200
• Delta Airlines Boeing 737–700
• American Eagle Embraer ERJ–175
• American Airlines Airbus A319–100 with winglets
• United Express Embraer ERJ–170 (not in the old livery)
• Allegiant Air Airbus A320–200 (with no winglets) with “Travel Is Our Deal” motto on the side of the aircraft
• Eurowings Airbus A330–300
• United Express Bombardier CRJ–200 (not the old livery)
• Skywest Airlines Bombardier CRJ–200, CRJ–700 and CRJ–900
• McDonnell Douglas MD–80 aircraft with Allegiant Air “Travel Is Our Deal” motto, American Airlines and Delta Airlines included, with APPR too, of course.
• Silver Airways Saab 340B Plus with APPR
• American Airlines Boeing 767–300 in the newer livery
• Please update the Boeing 757–200 aircraft so it doesn’t stop when I am turning or have very little thrust on. I never fly the Boeing 757–200 for that reason.
• Boeing 757–300 with Delta Airlines and United Airlines included
• Spirit Airlines Airbus A320–200 in the yellow Bare Fare livery

PLEASE update ANY passenger airports to have gates! This includes KART (Watertown), KGFK (Grand Forks), Hilton Head (KHXD), Asheville (KAVL), Fairbanks (PAFA), and any other municipal, regional, international or national airports that do not have any gates. I know some airports have “West Terminal,” “East Terminal,” and “Terminal” for starting points. But that drives me crazy because I don’t know where to park if I land in that particular airport. I would also love it if all of the passenger aircrafts had APPR and all airports have APPR.

Can you make it so you can choose where you touch down on the runway due to the airport’s runway length? That would be AMAZING! You could watch your aircraft land by itself! Speaking of itself, wouldn’t it be cool if you typed in your flight plan, but you also typed in your taxiway(s) you want to use, your takeoff runway, your landing runway, your destination airport taxiway(s) and your arrival gate and not have to do anything? That would change Infinite Flight FOREVER! You could do flights all night long and not have to even look at your phone! How cool would that be?! Pretty cool, right?!

Can you update KEYW (Key West), KART (Watertown) and TIST (St. Thomas - Cyril E. King) so they look like what they do in real life please.
Can we have actual airport buildings, runway lights, gate markings and taxiway signs? Here’s a link for those. https://www.faa.gov/airports/runway_safety/publications/media/QuickReferenceGuideProof8.pdf

Can we have runway thresholds, and displace thresholds for all airports? It’s defined as “A permanent displaced portion of the runway has two markings: arrows at the center line of the runway, and. 6 meters from the displaced threshold, a 1.8–meter–wide white line across the width of the runway” according to Wikipedia. See link below.

Can we have realistic weather conditions, including sunshine, clouds, rain, snow, and all of the other weather terms?

Can we have realistic sounds on all aircraft? The sounds that they have now are just downright annoying. I would love to have actual aircraft sounds so I can hear them even though I’m not on an actual aircraft flying somewhere. Can we also have air stairs that come up to the aircraft door, jet bridges and actual passengers boarding the aircraft with luggage. I would love it if we had all of our aircraft’s equipped with boarding doors and cargo doors.

Lastly, can we PLEASE have live air traffic control in all airports? That would be AWESOME!

I’m sorry if this is too much, but I would love it if there was an update with ALL of these. It would make me so excited!

Thank you so very much!
James Walsh


Hey there James! Welcome back to the community!
A lot of these ideas seem really awesome, some of them I even wish we had as well. Some of these items you listed are actually in the works as we speak too! However, the best way to help make sure that the features you would like to see are added to Infinite Flight would be by voting for them in the #features category! :)


It would be nice, however I think more of a focus should be put on national carriers that don’t even have a livery in Infinite Flight yet, example: Kuwait Airways. I’ll link some more feature requests for you for the other ideas you have.

Find Frontier livery requests here:

JetBlue livery requests:

Delta A320

Delta 737-700

American Eagle ERJ

American A319

Allegiant A320

Join the Airport Editing team if you want to help improve airports:


Just like Joeseph said, I bet there are feature request for these. Go ahead and vote for them.

Besides what was already mentioned. Thanks for your requests and interests. Please have a look at the links below because quite a bit has changed since you last visited IFC.

Welcome to the IFC!

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