Let's Make SIDs and STARs Easier to Implement

Hey IFC, what’s popping?

Yesterday, with the (pretty sweet) release of 20.1, we got features such as Centre, SIDs and STARs.
If you don’t know what a SID or STAR is yet, I highly recommend checking out these pages put together by the hard working Infinite Flight staff members

Anyhow, SIDs and STARs are great! The only challenge I’ve been hearing people (including myself) run in to, is using webpages such as fpltoif.com and simbrief. If you’re not familiar, these web pages can generate a flight plan you can copy into Infinite Flight and are especially useful for long hauls and crossing the ocean However, once you’ve pasted the flight plan into Infinite Flight, you must now set a SID and STAR if there’s active ATC. This creates a challenge, because if you simply pick a SID and STAR after importing the flight plan, the flight plan will, in simple terms, die. Of course I don’t mean that litterally, but the simulator will want to put the both the SIDs and STARs and the end of the flightplan essentially rendering it unflyable. The same also goes for Oceanic routes, and these are even more challenging to add because the are in the middle of your flight plan.

What would be nice to see, would be Infinite Flight automatically recognizing the end point of a SID and the closest WPT of the fightplan you pasted into Infinite Flight and connecting the two points, deleting all the waypoints before the closest one. Same thing for STARs, it recognizing the start of a STAR and connecting it to the nearest waypoint so you can avoid flight planning disasters and not waste a half hour to an hour on the ground.

This would be the ideal time to vote for a feature like this, since an update has just dropped and (after the devs have taken a long long long break for putting up with us,) they’ll be looking for new features to add to the next update, so let’s make this one of them and make flight planning less of a pain!

Once you add a SID, STAR, approach, or other procedure you can move them up and down in your flight plan. Tap the element you’d like to move and press the up and down arrows to move the procedure where you’d like it.


It’s is so easy right now if you know what your doing it’s super easy and fun

Oh! I’ve not seen or tried this yet, I’ll check it out the next time I fly. Another challenge (which is easier to fix) is all the extra waypoints. I guess the devs DID think of this, so I applaud them! :)

This can be closed now, I didn’t know about this feature, thanks for advising me of it!

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