Let's Make Lewis University Airport KLOT 3D!

Hey everyone! Some of you from the Chicago area may or may not be familiar with our tiny little airport at Lewis U in Romeoville, just north of Joliet. I actually go to Lewis and I work at the airport’s FBO, so I like to fly the Citation and C208 in and out of there, and especially the skyhawks to practice pattern work while I’m not flying.

One thing I would really love to see is 3D buildings at this airport. We have a tower being built right now, so it would be so cool to see that in the game! Along with the schools aviation building where our flight students go to do their flight training. I’ll attach a picture of the airport that’s currently in-game as of 2/18/2022:

Also, there’s a couple other things I wanted to mention in this thread so I don’t have to make a new one:

  • As of update 22.1, the runway hold short lines are extending into the grass between other taxiways
  • In real life, runway 2/20 is longer than 9/27, and is also not lined up with the satellite image in-game. Sometimes I’ve mistakened the satellite image with where I’m supposed to land XD

This is the first time I’m posting this type of thing, so I hope it makes sense. Comment and vote if you want to see Lewis in 3D!

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to request 3D Airport.