Lets make Chicago Popular! [closed]

We need lots of controllers and pilots to fill up Chicago on playground.
If your willing to control please reply where you want to be stationed. We also need lots of pilots to come around to. This is an attempt to get all the traffic out of Socal.

Current Active Controlled Airports
Chicago Meigs: Patipol Wongsomboon

Current Number of Pilots in the region

Lets see if we can get most airports filled with controllers and 30 pilots in the region.

UPDATE: I had to go but keep going


Good idea…

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I literally just posted a thread asking why Socal was so popular. I’d love to fly Chicago with ATC’ers.

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Not that Socal isn’t a great map, not by any means. It’s just way more populated than any other region all the time.

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Sure thing! Would be happy to help!

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I’m controlling at KBMI

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cool. i gtg to many penuts to

the post is now a wiki. update it as you need

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Sorry, got to go. Busy.

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Im ATC’ing tower and ground at KPIA, lets get some traffic!

I’ll come and fly

sorry, a guy called Mitch Ehlers decided to be a nuisance and a troll.

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I’ll fly in a Emirates A380. By the way, my callsign is N70GF (November-7-0-Golf-Foxtrot). I will fly a route. Starting from KSAN, I will make a direct approach to KLAX, which, as you know, has a load of traffic! If anyone would like to escort me in a fighter, just tell me!

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