Let's go to the space!

So I was just looking at some of my IF flight replays and out of nowhere when i played one of the replays my plane went into the space😂😂😂…this is actually a very old replay

I think this was Training Server
Route - OMDB to EGLL
Aircraft - Boeing 787-10





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Those are amazing! I like when replay files’ data goes berserk 😂

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Lol now that you tagged me

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Ooh yes, space, the final frontier! Great job going up to space, and nice photos!

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wow beutiful views… altthough all the passenger proboly died, and the airframe proboly blew appart ;).


I had that happen about 8 times a few weeks ago lol

MaxSez: Glad I opened this Topic and comment on a lark. I was wondering where all the complaints were coming from about irrelevant and juvenile antics on this fly for real simulator.

I’m beginning a list of the usual subject who haut there mom’s damp dark seller and Bloviate here. This Topic is a good start.

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