Let's go to the Guadeloupe under a sunrise

I know you like to watch the topics but you don’t read them in full or don’t give your opinion so please. ❤️

This is my 3rd Timelapse (IFTL#3) please show me your opinions. I did it with a crappy PC so don’t be surprised at the quality but appreciate the sound and images. I used real life sounds, like the sound of a A320 at Takeoff, an ATC conversation for “departure” from JFK, a cabin sound during the entire flight and at landing :) Thank you🥰

Music : Kubbi - Formed by Glaciers

🗓 01/12/19
✈️ Airbus A350-900
🖌 Air Caraïbes
🛫 Paris-Orly (LFPO)
🛬 Pointeà-Pitre (TFFR)
📻 French West 311 Heavy

Video : https://youtu.be/YcxQjMdbReY

My Home Paris Suburban 🏡

Basque Country

Watch the video for discover

Sunrise and moon 🌚

PS: I know that the landing part is bug a lot, this is known to the performance of my phone and also the number of plane or white square which means that there are few FPS