Let's go to the Beach.....and party on the sand

Let’s take a Geography lesson and get away from the Heathrow’s, JFK’s and LAX’s

Departure from Tahiti to SFO

Crosswind into SFO

Crystal blue of Barbados in the Atlantic

Caribbean Shelf just off MIA


I must tell you, that your 3rd pic… has a deep meaning, pun intended.

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I got you…loud and clear!!!;


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Awwh you deleted it :(

But love those last two tho, beautiful!

Awesome Pictures!

I don’t think that’s Fiji 🤣

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cool photos nonetheless

Which one was that

Thanks… corrected

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The Blue

(it was one whole frame of blue, as if you just POV’d the ocean straight down… 😱oh no just realized, don’t tell me that was actually a pic not loading on my side!)

Awesome shots there!

Lol That’s my best and favourite subject lmao

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Great flights and photos! I really like them!

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