Let's Go return from Home to Home

It’s time for me to head from my Home Country, Naija 🇳🇬 back to my hometown, St. Louis 🇺🇸 as we fly a 2 stop connection. Let’s go.

First Flight: KLM Flight 588 - 🇳🇬 Lagos to Amsterdam 🇳🇱
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Origin: Murtala Muhammed Int’l Airport (DNMM)
Destination: Amsterdam Schipol Int’l Airport (EHAM)
Flight Time: 6hrs 45mins
Server: Expert

Alrighty, we are here at Lagos Airport getting ready to board this KLM flight to Amsterdam that I have never been to. But from Gate E61 at night, Let’s Go and get some sleep once we cruise.

And off we go as we takeoff from Lagos RWY 18R, Goodbye Naija 🇳🇬

Three Hours later, we are at cruise at FL360 as we fly past Algeria 🇩🇿 on our way to Amsterdam 🇳🇱, as we sleep onboard for a good 6 and a half hours. Let’s get breakfast time as we get close to Amsterdam.

Annd, on short Final RWY 27 at Schipol Airport, we are about to touchdown in Amsterdam upon the arrival from Lagos. Welcome to Amsterdam and thanks for flying

Second Flight: KLM Flight 623 - 🇳🇱 Amsterdam to Atlanta 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Origin: Amsterdam Schipol Int’l Airport (EHAM)
Destination: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport (KATL)
Flight Time: 9hrs 20mins
Server: Expert

As the sunrises, it is time to board this flight down to the USA 🇺🇸 from Gate F8 at Amsterdam Airport. Let’s Go

After we took off from RWY 18C, we go ahead and explore the Atlantic Ocean as we cruise FL380 west to the USA 🇺🇸. Let’s grab some lunch, snacks, and dinner, and sleep, watch movies, or tv shows on IFE for a good nine hours before we start our descent onto Georgia

Annd, we are now on short final RWY 9R about to touchdown at Atlanta by lunchtime from an amazing flight from Europe. Welcome to Atlanta as we head to the Customs and Immigration, before boarding our flight home.

Final Flight: Delta Airlines Flight 1499 - Atlanta to St. Louis 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 717-200
Origin: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport (KATL)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 1hr 15mins
Server: Expert

Alrighty, we have transfered from the International Terminal Concourse F to Concourse D, and now four hours later, we are getting ready to board this small aircraft from Gate D14 Atlanta Airport to head home after this wonderful vacation in Naija. Let’s go

Here we are cruising at FL340 as we see Kentucky, or Tennessee as we crave on snacks and beverages with relaxation onboard before we descend for St. Louis

Annd finally, on short final RWY 11, St. Louis as we arrive home from our home country. What a marvelous Thursday it was last week as Lagos was active. Welcome home and we will travel again another time. Thanks for flying with me.


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