Let's get more traffic in Charlotte, NC

I wish people would fly in Charlotte’s region for IF I love this airport


Hy !

To keep this community organized, I moved your topic to Live category!

Now relax, and have fun with this awesome community!

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Perhaps more people will fly in and out of the region when IFF expands to Global for example; Chicago to Charlotte, or Charlotte to the Caribbean.


If you dart opening ATC or flying there you may get to populate it.

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To get traffic into the Carribbean region. I open up as tower and wait max 5 mins and the traffic starts flowing.

People want to go, where it’s most populated! Or which region had the most ATC’s! :)

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I recommend creating a special event in the region. That will bring people to it.


In the past I had to wait for at least 15 to 30 minutes before traffic starts crowding at WSSS… Nowadays it takes merely 1 to 5 minutes and I’m pushing tin already


Anybody available to fly there now on Advanced Server

I wish the Paris region was more popular!

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