Let's fly into Bob Hope more :)

I have been doing ATC and fly in and out of Bob Hope in SoCal all the time. It generally is a quiet and easy to fly in and out of airport. Why do people not fly into it more. BTW I’m on ATC right now if anyone wants to fly in or out of the airport.


Coming now

I just jumped off to eat lunch haha. I’ll post again when I’m on. But still it’s a good airport to just fly in and out of.

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I fly in and out of BUR all the time

Cause LAX is bigger, and the runway(s) at BUR are short(er)

Yes but you can take off virtually every sized plane from runway 15 / 33. While I ask planes like 777 sized to use all the available runway it’s usable.

It is more of the commuter sized airport so planes 737-800 and down are perfect.

I usually fly into LAX too but I’ve gotten to the point where I never take off from there. It’s either Burbank or Palmdale for take off now and then I fly to KSAN and from San to LAX. Not nearly as many knuckleheads flying those routes. Also I always land 24R at LAX, that side is always way less busy.

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