Let's Fly // B77L Formation Flight // With FGS's Member

Server: Expert Server ; Flight Plan: LEBB ( Bilbao Airport ) to LIMC ( Milan Airport ) ;
Aircraft: B777-200LR ; Flight Time : 1h30m ; Callsign: FGS-0540

p1: Pushback, this time I fly with @Sean_Zhang

p2: Cause Rwy are all green, so I use Rwy 12 and Sean use Rwy 30.

p3: Sean go First

p4: Soon, I take off too~

Now, it’s formation flight time~

p5: Departure

p6: Climbing

p7: Cruising at FL370

p8: Decend

p9: Queyras Regional Natural Park

p10: Appproaching to Rwy35R, LIMC ( You can see Punta Dufour on the left side of plane )

Thanks for watching ! Wish you like these pics !

How do you think of these pics ? Tell me in the reply ~

Which is your favorite shot ?
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Formation flight is so interesting lol ( TCAS:fine ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ )

The last two shots are the best in my opinion. Great job overall!

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Thank you (≧▽≦)

P9 is epic!

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Some absolutely stunning pictures! Bilbao is a really cool airport and Malpensa is just breathtaking if the weather is right with the stunning Alps in the background, which you featured very well. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks mate !

You are right (≧▽≦) I really like this time’s scenery~ The Alps is amazing! btw, thank you~

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