Let's fill Dublin Inernational Airport@EIDW-251900zJAN20

Welcome to my second event! This time it is hosted in Dublin Ireland
A little about the airport
The Dublin Airport was opened in 1940 and is a hub for Aer Lingus and a focus city for Ryanair
In 2018 there were 31,495,604 passengers and
226,181 aircraft movements
The airport has an extensive short and medium haul network served by carriers like Aer Lingus, Ryanair and Norwegian Air Shuttle as well as a significant long haul network ranging from East Asia, the Middle East, North America and Africa
As of August 2019 there is service it over 31 intercontental destinations from Dublin
Source Wikipedia

Picture credits:Alamy stock footage
Server: Expert
Airport: EIDW


NOTAM:Please be respectful using unicorn and if there is IFATC coverage at this event please follow all their instructions and I am not responsible for any violations or ghostings you received while participating

Airlines at terminal 1

Aegean Airlines
Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus Regional
Air Canada
Air France
Croatia Airlines
El Al
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Turkish Airlines

Airlines at terminal 2 (Big planes+international flights)

Airlines at terminal 2

Aer Lingus
Air Canada
American Airlines
Cathay Paeific
Delta Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad Airways
Qatar Airways
United Airlines

Terminal 1

101 Ryanair 738 EGSS
102 Ryanair 738 EGCC
103 Ryanair 738 LEBL
104 Ryanair 738 LEAL
105 Ryanair 738 GLCP
106 Ryanair 738 EDDF
107 Ryanair 738 EGPF
108 Ryanair 738 EPWA
109 Ryanair 738 EGKK
110 Ryanair 738 EDDM
119 Ryanair 738 LEMD
120 Ryanair 738 LKPR
121 Ryanair 738 EDDH
122 Ryanair 738 LPPT
123 Ryanair 738 EGNT
124 Ryanair 738 EGPH
125 Ryanair 738 EGKK
126 KLM 739 EHAM
127 Easyjet A319 EGSS
200 Aegean Airlines A320 LGAV
201 Aeroflot A320 UUEE
202 Finnair A321 EFHK
203 El Al 739 LLBG
204 Turkish Airlines 739 LFTM
205 Icelandair 752 BIKF
206 WestJet 737-700 CYHZ
207 Croatia Airlines A319 LDZA
311 Aer Lingus A321 EGLL
312 Aer Lingus A320 GCRR
313 Aer Lingus A320 LFPG
314 Air France A320 LFPG
315 British Airways A321 EGLL
316 Lufthansa A320 EDDF
317 Aer Lingus A320 LFBD
318 Aer Lingus A321 GLCP

Terminal 2

400 Etihad Airways 777-300 OMAA
401 Emirates 777-300 OMDB @CaptainShayan
402 Ethiopian Airlines 77L KORD
403 Ethiopian Airlines 77L KIAD
404 Delta Airlines 767 KATL
405 Qatar Airways 788 OTHH
406 Aer Lingus A350 KJFK
407 Aer Lingus A350 KBOS @NathanD
408 United Airlines 787-10 KEWR
409 Air Canada A333 CYYZ

Remote stands

137 Flybe Q400 EGHI
138 Flybe Q400 EGTE
139 Flybe Q400 EGFF
140 Aer Lingus Q400 EIKY
141 Aer Lingus Q400 EGNS
142 Aer Lingus Q400 EGPF
143 Aer Lingus Q400 EGDL
133 Icelandair 752 BIKF
132 Lufthansa A320 EDDM
134 Norwegian Air Shuttle 738 ENGM
411 Aer Lingus A350 KSEA
(Remote) 412 737-700BBJ [any livery] EDDF @BadPlane
412 Vueling A320 LEBL


613 Air France Cargo 777F KORD
612 FedEx DC10F LFPG
611 FedEx DC10F EGSS
616 DHL 752 EGNX
615 Any route any aircraft

Thank you for signing up I hope to see you there!


I have accidentally hit the post button this event is still in the making


I have now finished making the event you can now sign up!

Can I have a remote stand 737BBJ to EDDF

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Gate 401 please

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