Let's draw a Dreamliner @KEWR -- 290830ZMAR20

I did this route so many time, and i usually departure from KJFK or CYYZ. This route is designed to test Boeing’s latest 787 Dreamliner. The plane took off from the Boeing Factory (KBFI),landed at Seattle Airport after 18 hours of flight. Today this feat will take place at Newark Liberty International Airport. The whole flight will be 14 and half hours, considering that it is a test flight, we will not carry any passengers and cargo. I’am looking forward all pilots join me.

  • Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

  • Route: KEWR 4632N/08706W 4626N/08908W 4301N/09715W 4352N/09907W 4358N/09958W 4306N/10033W 4245N/09958W 4229N/09834W 4122N/10101W 4254N/10552W 4312N/10730W 4314N/10848W 4302N/10919W 4235N/10907W 4157N/10820W 4112N/10654W 3932N/10210W 3717N/10133W 3757N/10243W 3803N/10323W 3702N/10401W 3633N/10320W 3604N/10117W 2827N/09937W 2814N/09844W 3438N/09829W 3538N/09819W 3745N/09715W 3610N/09249W 3533N/08953W 3148N/08837W 3126N/08754W 3503N/08731W 3539N/08713W 3809N/08411W 3820N/08458W 3642N/08915W 3804N/09148W 3935N/09604W 4143N/09442W 4230N/09354W 4601N/08829W 4631N/08706W KEWR

  • Time of Departure: 2020-03-29T08:30:00Z

  • Server: Expert Sever

  • Additional Information:

Please bring at least 79.369KG fuel, after depart we will climb and maintain FL380.


This would have been great to come long to :), have fun though and get those flight hours in!

hahaha but no one join me

I feel sorry for you man, it seemed like it was going to explode, but no one joined

This is destined to be a lonely trip 😄

i could havr joined

Oh boy that was really beautiful but sad it is completed or is it going still?

i didn’t do it unfortunately, i will do it an another day.

I’ll join whenever that is!

Fly out from Toronto will be better, this route is too long.

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