Let's draw a dreamliner @CYYZ - 160445ZNOV19

  • Aircraft and Livery: 787-8 or 787-9

  • Route: CYYZ 4632N/08706W 4626N/08908W 4301N/09715W 4352N/09907W 4358N/09958W 4306N/10033W 4245N/09958W 4229N/09834W 4122N/10101W 4254N/10552W 4312N/10730W 4314N/10848W 4302N/10919W 4235N/10907W 4157N/10820W 4112N/10654W 3932N/10210W 3717N/10133W 3757N/10243W 3803N/10323W 3702N/10401W 3633N/10320W 3604N/10117W 2827N/09937W 2814N/09844W 3438N/09829W 3538N/09819W 3745N/09715W 3610N/09249W 3533N/08953W 3148N/08837W 3126N/08754W 3503N/08731W 3539N/08713W 3809N/08411W 3820N/08458W 3642N/08915W 3804N/09148W 3935N/09604W 4143N/09442W 4230N/09354W 4601N/08829W 4631N/08706W CYYZ

  • Time of Departure: 0445Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information:
    This flight is over 14hours , please bring appropriate passengers , cargo and fuel. i will cruise at 33,000 feet at Mach 0.85.

that is fantastic

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Did i give the wrong time? i was planning departure tonight 3hs later.

It’s my mistake i miss read the title👍👍 looks perfect apologies on my part

Awesome! Wish i could come, if only my phone were working. Love to see that people are giving Toronto and Canada some Love


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