Lets Do A Landing Competition!

Landed perfectly


Please tell me someone caught that

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Going to try 18


Missed terribly haha going to try again 18*

I did it…ish

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OK I think the best way for a R18 approach is a left base.

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I find the 208 is quite a good lander.

Please use more detail when creating a event thanks

A flash event like this is perfectly fine just being in the #live category.

its not in the options

cant find it

This topic is fine as it is, don’t worry :)

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but for the next time how can i get an event like this on to the events category

You will be able to post topics in the #live:events category when you reach TL2 (member). Right now you’re a basic user (TL1). For now, other people will have to move it to that category for you if you ask.

Events in that category must follow the title guidelines and be organised, but if you’re just creating a quick flash event that starts soon then you can post it in #live like you have done here (:

And how do I get to tl2?

Just keep reading topics, liking interesting things and contributing useful comments and you’ll soon become a member

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