Let's discuss the voting system in a friendly and respectful manner!

It is being ungrateful. What you want is not what you will always get. Your vote does not obligate FDS to listen to you at that same time. They listen and decide on what is right. Your mindset is “hey gimmy an 350 its simple. Hey FDS give me a 330 its easy to make. Just forget about the GA community or Military Community and every other aspect of the game and just give me what I want and dont do what is good for the game.”


Well in the US for voting we get what we vote for and it is not being ungrateful because it is want the people want…


This is IF fam. Not the US. What you want doesnt make IF better it just adds another aircraft. You are thinking what you want now not what is best for IF in the future.


I am not saying it is obligatory for them to follow but it makes the most sense (excluding A350 b.c. of lack of info) to fulfill demand for an very high demand A330 rework.


And they WILL but not now! Its really that simple. Just wait, they have a plan and know what IFC wants so they will take both and combine them and make a set plan for the coming year.

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Hmmm, you know I think if they followed the high demand they would make more money which is better for the company because people want that new product that they have to pay for


Thing is, we are their source of income so it doesn’t make sense to me that they wouldn’t listen…


Thank you, straight to my point


They wont make more money for adding an A350. We already have aircraft catered to the Commercial Aviation. We need GA and Military aircraft so that people who enjoy those areas would wont to purchase IF. Infinite Flight has the commercial side already. Adding more commercial aircraft wouldnt do anything. They need to expand their reach into different aviation aspects.

The Developers of the game have a roadwork plan set up. The model is that you pay to play Infinite Flight. If you want a specific aircraft and it’s in their plan but later down the road, you’re going to have to wait! Every business wants to make money, and FDS is simply laying a strong foundation for the future.


What about the thousands of others who are part of the GA or Military community? They could be thousands of dollars of income too. We already have Commerical aircraft. We need those GA and Military aviation enthusiasts.

FDS knows way more about what IF needs than you guys do cause they have EXPERIENCE.


Facts. I didn’t know what the TBM was until they added it to the simulator. @Jet_Aviationxx


I’ve found that people are leaving IF because they feel that their voices aren’t being heard by the devs. This is a loss of money, and overall IF needs what the community needs.


You’re express your anger by saying “these types of threads are pissing me off”, please remain clam while expressing yourself. The FDS is adding or updating useless stuff into the simulator, not what us users are requesting. @TwinsRock88


The vast majority of the community would like to see a new twin jet added to the sim or see the B737 or A330 be reworked but you have to understand that FDS are trying to please as many as possible and diversify their fleet of aircraft available for us to fly.

Hence the addition of the TBM, although a very small percentage wanted it, they still added it as we are in need of more GA, since commercial jets are not the only type of aircraft that define aviation. GA, Military also are into the count when talking aviation as a whole.

The voting system on other hand works in the sense that FDS gets a good, rough idea of what the community would like to see in the future, and they try to their absolute best to implement a mix between what they feel like needs to be added and what we would like to see. Because the A330 has over a thousand votes does not mean it’ll be added right away, although they are well aware of the demand, so they try give us a mix of what they want, the TBM and what we want, the A330 which may come sooner than we may think. Who knows really.

I do understand your concern, and I can’t talk for FDS on what they really are planning but they know best of what they are doing.

And the A350…? Not enough data is something we’ve heard numerous times, and do you know why? Still new, right? Well it’s fairly new, yes. Look at the B787, they added liveries that doesn’t exist IRL, as some have cancelled their orders on the /10 variant and some who have ordered the other ones, -8 and -9 does not have their livery in IF. So to avoid this it’s better to wait to have it completely confirmed who has actually received the A350. Like SAS has 8 of them on order and their first sometime late this year and the rest next year. What if they were to cancel but we get the SAS livery on the A350 either way… that’s a miss in my book, and something id like not to see. And the A350ULR. Brand new, just been delivered to Singapore as their first launch costumer. More airlines could be ordering it in the future for their route network.

So the future request should exist, voting should exist although it feels like they serve no purpose at all.


Your points aren’t relevant to the argument. I’m not ungrateful. I’m highlighting the fact the voting system is obsolete. Your passion piece is irrelevant, as it agrees with my point. The community didn’t vote for GA, they voted for commercial. And if the four top features are going to be ignored, just remove the voting system. The voting system is pointless!


I think he is remaining calm, I think we are just explaining our thoughts

Correction, you did not find out anything. Look at IF’s numbers on the IFC and how much it is exploding. We hit from 50,000 to 100,000 community members in about 4 months! How could you say people are leaving?

How many of those accounts are inactive, that no one knows but there is definitely a lot


Because throughout the VAs I am apart of people are becoming inactive all the time, and I never see them again on the community…