Let's discuss the voting system in a friendly and respectful manner!

It doesn’t feel like that. Everyone is just bashing FDS’ structure

Stating opinions isn’t bashing

I’ll End Of My Part Of This Discussion With A Quote:

Your Wish Will Be Granted, Only If You Can Respect Others’ Opinion

Basically saying, respecting and accepting what others want, then you’ll get what you want, when the time is right. All it takes is to appreciate the little things in life and wait for the big things to arrive :)

Also any further off-topic arguments can and should be taken to a PM, to avoid unnecessary clogging and heating up of temperaments at people! We have had enough at this point, so let’s stop this immediately.


Really? It doesn’t sound like it.

People saying they should listen to majority is an opinion dude, chill

Remeber this topic?

It was closed due to, guess what, arguments! It follows the same type of arguing this one does. I’m entitled to my opinion on the topic dude.


People have the right to an opinion here this isn’t Cuba or North Korea

All I’m doing is sharing mine, back off

I partly disagree though I agree that this has turned out to be a shoutings match. There are some posts which have provided ideas. Unfortunately topics like these tend to have the good posts being overshadowed

I feel like this one will become that

I believe you are entitled to your opinion there, I want you to show your opinion, it is what gives ideas and contributes to discussion

I am showing it here, that’s all I’m doing

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Debating things that oppose your viewpoints is good for you, makes you think a little bit

One last Barry Allen speed post…

This is a community, everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, this is also a public community and this topic will be viewed potentially several thousand times. Please respect that there are other people here that do not feel comfortable in an argumentative environment.

Let’s keep it on the down low. You’re all complaining that FDS don’t respect your wishes, and here you all doing the same to the community.

Peace out.


But a general rule.

A debate should never attack the person. It is all about sharing your opinions and working your way forward with a common solution

Hopefully we can work out a good conclusion based on different views given by fellow community members.

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Oh Lord, 5 people are writing. Before y’all say something that’ll add jet fuel to fire, take deep breath and read through what you wrote, read the current circumstances before posting. Don’t blow this topic up again, just when it finally went on the low down for a while.

Read my quote above, or wait here it is, then calm down, leave this page, let us all do it together and don’t blow this place up again, thank you (that includes me)!

Quote: “Your Wish Will Be Granted, Only If You Can Respect Others’ Opinion


I generally agree with your opinion, and you have perfectly summarised my reasons for creating this topic!

I do think the voting system is unnecessary, as it just isn’t listened to. And that’s not a bad thing, we don’t need the devs to pretend this is democratic. But if it isn’t the voting system either needs to be changed or removed in my opinion.

youre trolling … right …???

My Personal Opinion on the Voting System

In my opinion, the voting system should be managed in another way.

1. Seperate livery votes:
Two months ago I had a little PM conversation with schyllberg about splitting the livery requests from the rest. He said they talked about it internally already. That would be the first big step. We all know that the liveries with high vote counts are usually released relatively fast. Therefore, the vote system is perfect.

2. Removing votes for aircraft:
We all know that FDS is releasing aircraft pretty frequently and their recent results are turning out awesome. The community should be able to ask for a certain aircraft/rework, but they shouldn’t be able to vote for it anymore. Rather, three polls with Military/GA/Airliners should be made every half a year or so to decide which aircraft comes next. This would be the most democratic solution.

3. All other feature requests:
For all other types of requests we should keep the voting system. FDS said multiple times that working on projects like taxiway lights or clouds wouldn’t stop the aircraft releasing cycle. To get a quick overwiev on what the community wants, we should keep votes for those types of requests.


Huh, trolling about what?

I have no clue of what you’re talking about, really.
All I know is I made stated a valid question to the OP on his opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

Asking him, how he thinks the voting system should be used, and you call that trolling?