Let's discuss the voting system in a friendly and respectful manner!

Democracy - A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Why are we even talking about democracy? FDS (now IF LLC) was never a democracy to begin with!

Everyone is heard in presidential elections for example, but does everyone win? No

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Then if they do not equal chances of a feature being added to the game, what’s the point for the voting system?
Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of voting in general?

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But this isn’t the presidential election! This is where EVERYONES opinion is taken into account. The thing with Presidential elections is that some people won’t get what they want because they’re a minority. This system is implemented to appeal to the minority and the majority. Maybe not simultaneously, but in the end, everyone will be happy.

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Jesus Christ, this has become a pretty heated topic.

I’m just going to jump in quickly, and I expect my post will be lost In-between the mass of 12yr olds screaming about how life isn’t fair and all that.

The voting system isn’t rubbish, and should not be scrapped. There are many reasons for this.

  1. It’s a great source of data collection for FDS; With the voting system, they are able to easily see what kind of aircraft people are after, and how evenly the votes are distributed out.
  2. It’s a good show of patience and dedication. People that put effort into topics Vs people that scream GIVE A350

The voting system is utilised, however it is not a guaranteed decision. In no place does FDS state that they will add any aircraft to the SIM. They serve the purpose of a REQUEST. Which is exactly what they are titled as, nothing more, nothing less.

FDS have shown that features are observed and considered with the A320 mini rework, the full CRJ rework, the release of the MD11/DC10 Family. They’ve also shown that other requested aircraft, such as the TBM are also Added into Infinite Flight!

Sure, FDS doesn’t really adhere to a voting system the way you would approve, and there are many aircraft that I’d love to see added, and they have all received my vote. But I understand that it’s not definitely going to be added.

A lot of you are making this into a political style conversation, and that’s really saddening to see. This is a community for everyone to enjoy, to browse new topics, to post pictures, to have constructive conversation.
Many of you take the #features and the rest of this forum for granted. Many longer standing members such as myself and many others now look at this forum differently than before.

We have this wonderful simulator that the developers have worked so hard to create, and this wonderful community that is manned by a relatively small team considering its 50k+ members.
You all take this for granted. Everything good in Infinite Flight is not enough? You have so much and yet you want more?
So what if the A350 doesn’t get added. So what if the a330 doesn’t get reworked? Just because the community wants it doesn’t mean they’re going to get it.

If the majority rules completely, we’d have nothing. Only the a330 and a350. No bug fixes, no improved physics and graphics.

TRY AND SEE THIS FROM THE OTHER SIDE, the developers point of view. It’s not easy when you have 5000 people screaming for something you can’t give.

Stop trying to compare this to a democracy. Many of the people commenting here are doing it for the sake of it. But do any of you actually have a proposal in plan to replace the voting system NO?

Perhaps go take a break, have a breather and come back to this in more of a constructive manner.


I have stuff to do today so I am gonna call it there for myself

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I must say, everyone here has a very good, valid point in what they have to say.

But in the end, FDS has the rights to also choose what they want to implement, what the feel like is need in the sim, what they think is lacking in IF.


And especially for the A350 I will say the people here on IFC who really want it need to chill as it has been discussed multiple times that they need more info. (Not meaning everyone, referring specifically to those who won’t shut it about it)

This is truly a great statement. This shows that not everyone deals with this topic the same way.


I do agree with that statement for things like the A350 for example

If I read through the reviews in the German App Store I see no GA or Military Aircraft. They’re always complaining that there is no A350. (Just a fact)

Voting for something shows that you have an interest in an aircraft/rework.
It doesn’t exactly mean it will be here in about 2 days.
It just shows the devs what the community is interested in.
That is my point of view

This statement shows that they do in fact listen to us. Even though it may not seem like it, they really do. They take our words in to deep consideration, they care about our feedback, matter i fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they are reading through this topic and taking notes from our words, our opinion to make our dreams and wishes come true in the future :)


This topic is just people arguing. I want this thing closed

FDS is not your slave. They develop GREAT Addons like the TBM. The TBM, everyone loves it, you didn’t ask for it and it’s there. The CRJ, it was needed to fill a un-filled segment. Stop your arguing.


This is isnt North Korea. Let people discuss, as long as its civil this topic should remain open

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We do pay for a service though therefore they are getting paid therefore it isn’t slavery, I don’t expect things instantly, I am actually pretty patient waiting on updates because usually they are higher quality

It doesn’t feel like that. Everyone is just bashing FDS’ structure

Stating opinions isn’t bashing

I’ll End Of My Part Of This Discussion With A Quote:

Your Wish Will Be Granted, Only If You Can Respect Others’ Opinion

Basically saying, respecting and accepting what others want, then you’ll get what you want, when the time is right. All it takes is to appreciate the little things in life and wait for the big things to arrive :)

Also any further off-topic arguments can and should be taken to a PM, to avoid unnecessary clogging and heating up of temperaments at people! We have had enough at this point, so let’s stop this immediately.