Let's discuss the voting system in a friendly and respectful manner!

I believe the voting system should be removed from the forum. As there has been no acknowledgement of the (by far) most voted for thing, why is there a voting system on this forum? The next aircraft to be reworked isn’t even in the top 20 most voted for things, and the B737 rework is fifth. There has been no information concerning the other top four voted things, excluding the A350 (and that’s because we were given a ‘no’ on this one). If votes are going to be ignored, they may as well just be removed.


I haven’t been on the forum in months and I’ve seen the same “rework” posts on 2 aircraft, months ago. There has never been no rework on the B737 in a while now and A330. The voting system has been proven useless. I have no knowledge about what Laura and her team are working on now, and I would like to know whats happening.


Well, they have teased working on the 737 on their Instagram. Not sure about the A330, but I believe they said they are working on it.


I do hope they rework the B737 to have a wing flex. @Aceorbit


Exactly. Most people voted for the A350 but instead they added the TBM which almost nobody asked for


Mmm, I don’t really know if we need the voting system now.

I do not think they should remove the voting system. An update cannot come out right away. As well as the mods can use the voting system to see what others like. I don’t think they have to say they read the voting system. Why would they put it in the game then? -Cameron

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I disagree, Some people did ask for the TBM, some people are GA fans and I do respect that, but the community wanted the a330 rework.


I also agree that there should be no voting system seeming as your request probably wont get added since you need to get the most votes


Yeah correct. because the A330 rework has the most votes right now but they just added the TBM


Perhaps, but that not what we’re discussing. I’m talking about the voting system. And the amount of TBM votes is negligible compared to the A330, and as the community has a voting system, whether people wanted the TBM or not is irrelevant, they didn’t vote for it

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I’m sorry but I don’t really understand what you’ve written - could you perhaps clarify it?

If this is future request, why didn’t you use vote topics? People must know want they really want.


Voting is useless. It is a pretend mechanism for FDS to seem like their listening to the community. Let’s be honest they have their own roadmap and we just have to go along with it.


Ok. I am going to say a couple things here because these types of threads really piss me off. First of all Im going to start with the following.

  1. How could you guys be sooo ungrateful with everything FDS has been doing for us. We have been given the DC/MDs, CRJs, A320 (Wing Flex), and TBM All in less than a year. 3 of those being Commercial/Cargo aircraft! Infinite Flight is for all aviation enthusiasts not just Commercial. Sure people didnt really ask for TBM but this is an Amazing addition for Infinite Flight and was desperately needed for the GA community. I have never liked GA in IF until Now! FDS is working sooo hard and making sure every area of Infinite Flight is being catered to. You guys got your 3 updates, its time for GA and Military to have their turn.

  1. About the Voting thing. They have several times said that they take into account what people say for voting. That is why you see that B737 from a teaser is getting some type of rework! They told us no for A350 because there isn’t enough information, Even I kind of ish wanted the 350 but I definitely stand by FDS’s decisions and reasoning. The A330 is not confirmed or denied so lets wait and see. So let me get this straight. You are not Entitled to have FDS only make decisions based off what you want. If they did that FDS would be full of crappy Commercial aircraft and no variety. Do you guys want to know why there isnt a large GA community? It’s Because the GA aircraft aren’t good, but now they are! This will start making the GA community grow!

So all in all learn to accept and be grateful for what FDS has given us and try thinking about other communities such as the GA or Military community. I for one am not a Military or GA fan but I am SOO excited for those who are because they finally get an aircraft they have been waiting years for!

What They Have Achieved In a little over a year:

  • The entire WORLD is flyable and explorable.
  • MD11/DC10
  • The entire CRJ family.
  • A320 family rework.
  • ATC updates and fixes.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • TBM for the GA Community

I disagree with removing the voting system is what I’m saying. You never know if the devs are actually working on the A330 or A350.

Well if it is a voting system then they should be storing the demand for the wanted aircraft/reworks


Personally, I’d like a twin-engine prop because there seems to be a gap in GA as it jumps from the citation down to the TBM


They definitely are. I bet you they know what we all want and they will come Eventually. Right now they know what is best for Infinite Flight and that is to cater to different areas and not just another aircraft.

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Voting for a feature the community wants and not getting it is not being ungrateful